Saturday, September 17, 2016

Spooky Saturdays: Vegan Noms

I've officially started putting pumpkin in everything! I've been blending pumpkin into my coffee, making pumpkin oatmeal, pumpkin protein shakes...all the pumpkin! Fall is my favorite time to make seasonal recipes beyond just all the pumpkin all the time. Here's a handful of recipes I will definitely be trying over the next few weeks! Plus they're all vegan! Woot!

Pumpkin Hummus (source)
Almond Butter Cups (source)
Candy Corn Milkshake (source)
Pumpkin Quinoa Bake (source)
Avocado Mac N' Cheese (source)
Raw "Candy Corn" Cheesecake (source)
Deviled Purple Potatoes (source)
Purple Sweet Potato Pie (source)

Not really a recipe, but still good to know! 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Spooky Saturdays: Halloween Scrap Pillows

While I haven't fully gone crazy on decorated our apartment for Halloween yet, I did take advantage of some halloween scrap fabric and made some new Halloween pillows! Originally I had some fancy ideas on how I was going to do a bunch of piecing and quilting, but I've been working on so many other projects that I kind of just wanted the satisfaction of something quick and easy. So! I made these guys.

I have made a few Halloween things over the last few years, but most of my Halloween fabric stash was given to me or I would buy when it was heavily discounted and out of season. Somehow, I still have SO MUCH. I think I'll need to make some more stuff!

I took the other generic pillow covers off and threw them in the wash and then storage. I think I like the idea of making pillows out of scraps and changing them out regularly. I don't often make things for my own home so it's strange to make something and not immediately put it in the mail. I actually get to enjoy these for a while!

That's all for now! Stay Inspired. Stay Spooky. 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Spooky Saturdays: Getting Inspired

Okay so I'm like RRRRRREEEEALLLLYYYYYYYY excited for Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday so I'm really excited every year, but last year we were still in the process of moving and unpacking during Halloween. We almost didn't even go out on Halloween night. Then Ari and I were living in different states during Thanksgiving and Christmas so this year I'm so *pumped* for the holidays to begin and to be home. I feel like now that it is September, it's officially safe to start blasting my love for all things wonderfully spooky! Spooky Saturdays is something I plan to do every Saturday from now until Halloween where I'll be showing off fun Halloween inspired stuff I've been doing.
These look so fun and simple to make! My one downside to making these on the cheap would be that I tend not to buy white fabric, but I bet I could incorporate other colors and they would still look cute (source).
I don't have nearly enough different types of Halloween fabric for a project like this but A GIRL CAN DREAM! (source)
I originally noticed this for the cute illustration, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't love a good Halloween playlist! (source)
So apparently this is a previous season's item from Pottery Barn and they no longer carry it but OMG!!!!! I love this so much and am going to try and make something similar to it (source)
This is such a cute simple idea! (source)
I really love that this could be done with almost any colors and still resemble a spiderweb. There is a tutorial in the link and I will definitely be utilizing this for some projects of my own (source)
I absolutely love this illustration!!! I can't wait to find something to put this on. Maybe I'll paint it on a plate and make it a little wall hanging for our apartment (source)

Stay spooky friends! I can't wait to share more and leave comments and links to stuff you're working on as well!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Sunday Stocking Special: Easy Stocking Sewing Tutorial

When we first announced the Bee Creative Stocking Swap, we had a lot of people asking if this swap was just a sewing swap. The answer is DEFINITELY NOT! We love makers of all types to participant and you are welcome to embroider/bedazzle/paint/whatever you like to a pre-made basic stocking. The main goal is really taking the time to consider what your partner would like! With that said, we know there are some of you who maybe want to branch out and make their stocking from start to finish BUT aren't necessarily great sewers. So! We put together a really simple tutorial on making a really basic stocking! It's open to anyone who like to use/modify/share it! It is certainly not a ground-breaking-world-shattering-incredible-pattern, but we hope it will serve as useful tool to beginning sewers!

Don't forget to sign up for the swap which can be found HERE
And check out Lizette's blog HERE for some awesome tips on customizing stockings as well as links to many other tutorials! She'll be doing a Sunday Stocking Special each week while registration is open so be sure to check it out!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Bee Creative Stocking Swap

Now that the Viva La Vida Swap is wrapped up, we're bring you a new swap to prepare for the Christmas season. This swap welcomes all types of crafters even if sewing a stocking isn't your specialty. Premade stockings are acceptable as long as they're embroidered/painted/bedazzled/embellished in some way to make them personalized for your partner.

For full details about the swap and to sign up CLICK HERE.

Lizette, my partner in Bee Creative Swaps, will be posting some tutorials and fun stocking ideas and I may have a few to share as well so stay posted! Check out Lizette's blog here.

Sign ups close August 31st!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

In Pictures: June/July 2016

Working on my Viva La Frida Swap
Derby trips to new places
My first full size quilt!
More quilt progress
Visiting my favorite museum
In Maryland
New favorite pants
Summer concerts 
More sewing projects
Family time in Florida
This summer has been a little stressful as is most of my life. In addition to all of the Viva La Frida stuff going on, June was an ALL-OF-THE-ROLLER-DERBY-ALL-OF-THE-TIME kinda month. Two tournaments and a handful of games on the side and about 40 hours of driving all through the midwest. I visited two new states for the first time and met tons of new people. July was more of a vacation month. I started my first full size quilt, visited family, read two books, saw two concerts, binge watched some new Netflix shows, and even took a few lovely evening Pokemon catching strolls through the park. Now that I type this all out, this summer has been pretty awesome and we've still got another month of summer to go.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Inspiration: Chris Roberts-Antieau

While in Baltimore this weekend, I went on my second visit to the American Visionary Art Museum which is one of my absolute favorite places. Some art museums are more inspiring than others, but visiting the AVAM left me feeling refueled. Of all the work that I saw, my new favorite artist is Chris Robert-Antieau. She's a textile artist whose work is a mixture of applique, embroidery, quilting, and collage and it's all just incredible.

Seriously these pictures don't do her work justice! The texture and pattern achieved through her layers of fabric and stitching are what really make her work special, but I couldn't help but share. Her gallery is in New Orleans and I'm praying maybe one day she'll offer some kind of workshop or event that I can attend. Click here to see The Antieau Gallery Website.