Friday, March 24, 2017

Frida Fridays: Quilt Inspiration

Okay I pretty desperately want to make a Frida quilt. I haven't decided exactly what kind of quilt or what I want it to look like yet so I started digging around for some inspiration. Surprisingly, it took quite a big of digging to find these quilts! I was sure I would find all kinds of ideas on Pinterest or even Etsy, but it was harder than I though. The ones I did find were hard to find a source and most of these just link to an image as I couldn't find the blog or website of their makers. I'm genuinely stunned more Frida quilts don't exist!



These last two aren't quilts, but are great inspiration for patterns! Neither of them link to anything which really bums be out as I wanna see more ideas from whoever made both of them! I wasn't quite thinking of doing a portrait, but they would make some awesome quilts.


I haven't decided what my next step is yet, but I hope you find these images inspiring! As always, you can sign up for the Viva La Frida Swap HERE and don't forget to check out Lizette's blog HERE to see what her Frida Friday post is or to sign up for the giveaway!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Frida Fridays: My Etsy Favorites

Happy Frida Friday everyone! I'm here with your weekly dose of Frida inspiration! If you follow Bee Creative Swaps on Instagram then you've already seen a few of these. I may have even posted about some of these before, but I love them so much I still want them! Don't forget to check out what Lizette (she's got a great giveaway!) has posted about here and check out Bee Creative Swaps on Facebook







Friday, March 3, 2017

Frida Friday: Last Year's Swap Recap

In honor of the Viva La Frida Swap that opened on Wednesday, every Friday Lizette and I will be posting Friday Frida Favorites where we'll feature our favorite Frida Kahlo inspired items, DIYs, swap inspiration, and whatever other items honoring the life of our favorite artist crosses our path. The goal is to give everyone lots of ideas for their swap creations and/or places to shop to Frida goodies and extras. We'll hopefully be posting every Friday until the swap is over. It's my favorite time of the year! To start it off, I decided to recap all the awesome things I was able to post about last year.

This is what I made last year for my swap partner. I'm still super happy with the outcome! Full post here.

I loved everything my partner made for me, but the little crocheted Frida doll is easily my favorite! It's hard to see in this picture, but she even has a little cigarette! To see all the precious details, check out the full post here.

I still think this is a great and easy to complete collection of DIYs! Maybe some of these can be your inspiration for this years swap. Full post here.

The Frida Books I checked out from the library! There are still so many more I want to read! Once we get to San Francisco, I will probably make heading to the library one of the first things I do so I can see what Frida books they have. Full post here.

This was easily one of my favorite posts I did from last year! To check out the whole thing and watch the video that still brings me to heres, click here.

My little Fridita! I'm still going strong with making dolls and haven't decided if I'll make a new one this year. Full post here.

Some of my favorite Frida inspired tattoos! Even though I already have a Frida tattoo, I ALWAYS think about getting another! Full post here.

I still would love to host a Frida themed party and this post of party items and ideas makes me want to do throw a party like...tomorrow. Full post here.

Looking back, I had such a great time last year and I can't wait to see what this year will bring! To see what Lizette posted, check out her blog here and to check out the Bee Creative Facebook for other amazing swap items from 2016 click here.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Viva La Frida Swap Is Open!

skip straight to the good stuff and sign up HERE or keep reading for more info

Incase you're wondering what this is all about, here are the details....

For the second year in a row this swap, brought to you by Bee Creative Swaps, honors the great Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. We are celebrating her life by creating and/or purchasing art and goods inspired by her.

This swap is perfect for everyone, even if you know nothing about Frida Kahlo. This is a great opportunity to learn about her. You have no time? No problem. You can buy Frida themed art work and goods instead. 

Emily from The Morose Bee and Lizette from CreativityLizette will be posting "Frida Fridays" on our blogs to help you out with some ideas and see how much Frida has inspired others.


1. Sign up by April 1st, 2017.  

2. You'll receive details of your swap partner no later than April 15th. Feel free to say hi/hola via email, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

3. Create, gather, paint, construct shop for a Frida Kahlo themed gift, personalized for your swap partner based on their likes. Amount $25 - $30, not including shipping. We encourage shoppers to support independent local business. For example, sellers on Etsy.

4. Required Instagram photo check ins:
April 15th: mosaic photo check in
May 1st: materials check in
May 15th: sneak peak check in
June 1st: sneak peak check in
June 15th: a photo of your boxed up items, shipping receipt, or other proof of shipment.

You must post your Instagram photos on the account you list when you sign up. If you do not post your photo check ins and/or are not communicative with your partner, you will receive one e-mail reminder from Bee Creative Swaps. If you are still unresponsive or do not complete your photo check-ins, you will be removed from the swap. Please understand that our goal is for everyone to have an enjoyable swap experience and continued check-ins and communication help to guarantee that no one has a partner that is bailing on the swap.

5. Swap gifts should be in the mail no later than June 15th. The goal is everyone should be receiving, enjoying, and posting about their swaps leading up to the celebration of Frida's birthday in July. You *must* get tracking information and e-mail this information to Emily at no later than June 16th.

Starting this Friday, Lizette and I will be posting weekly inspiration for your swapping adventures. I'm hoping to even work in a few original DIYs and Lizette always has great content! Check out her blog here. And don't forget to sign up before April 1st!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I'm Moving! An Etsy Wishlist

I announced it on Facebook, but haven't quite put it everywhere yet that I'm moving to San Francisco! It's going to be kind of a hectic couple of weeks until we get out there, but I can't help but have my eye on anything I see related to California or the Bay Area. I decided to make and share a little Etsy wishlist of some of my favorite things I've seen so far. 




Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Kids Art Hexie Pillows

I've been involved in dozens of class projects for school auctions over the last few years. This year I had to make an auction item for the classroom I actually teach in and I think I made my favorite item yet! Hexie pillows featuring the kids artwork! It certainly was not an original idea as I've seen a few things like this on Instagram, but I'm so so happy with how my variation came out!

First I let various kids in the class decorate premade hexies with a permanent fabric pen. The kids in my classroom range from ages 3-6 so I tried to let as many as possible make a hexie or two. Sometimes I would turn my head for a minute and one kid would have suddenly decorated a dozen of them, but I managed incorporate about half the class on the finished product. Some of them are obvious objects or words from the older children and some are just scribbles from the youngest children. The scribbly ones are kinda my favorite!

I love them so much it was hard to drop them off at school! I have several leftover hexies so I might be able to make something else to incorporate the extras and have a personal item to remember these special little people.

The green one below might be my ultimate favorite! I love the little hair! And those uneven legs! Kids artwork is just the absolute best.

This was easily one of the most fun things I have ever made and I hope to have the opportunity to do something like this again in the future. I'm definitely adding it to my repertoire of auction projects available through Made With Moxie!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

30 Day Creativity Challenge: In Conclusion

January has ended and so has the Bee Creative Swaps 30 Day Creativity Challenge. For a lot of reasons, I didn't get to everything on the challenge. I'm okay with that. For starters, I got the flu that just completely knocked me on my fanny and put me about a week behind on life. I'm sure a lot of other people participating didn't do every single item on the list either. My goal was to keep a creative focus, participate in a few new activities, and push myself for new inspiration. I can honestly say I've accomplished that and now have a lot of ideas for what to do next. I even did a few extra things like finished a book and started a new one, started a new challenge that I'll be talking about soon, and found some great ideas for the Viva La Frida Swap that will be opening in March! To wrap it all, here's a summary of what I did during the course of the challenge. I skipped over the ones I didn't do, because...why dwell on it?

1. Visit a museum, gallery, or local art festival
Okay so it wasn't quite an "art festival" but it was very creatively inspiring! I went to PAX South last weekend and soaked in a ton of inspiration for doing some cosplay in the future. Cosplay is something that I think I would've been into earlier in life, but I honestly had never really heard of it until college. It's just a part of nerd culture I didn't really know existed, but as someone who would already obsess over dressing up Halloween I feel like cosplay has just been waiting for me.

2. Watch a documentary about a(n) artist(s)
Finding Vivian Maier was so good! Her life was fascinating and only a tiny bit disturbing. Most importantly, her photographs were beautiful! I highly recommend checking this one out on Netflix.

3. Research an artist
I spent a little time researching more about Andy Warhol. I know it seems like such a mainstream artist to go with, but I actually didn't know a ton about him. I have to say, as a human he's not really my cup of tea nor am I a huge fan of any of his "superstars," but I'm glad I forced myself to learn something new about someone besides Frida Kahlo for once :-)

4. Create something handmade and give it to someone, 15. Make a card for someone you love
I did this! I swear! I just made things that I can't share because it's for a family member who follows me on social media and I'm not sure if they'll see this. I'm excited to post once I've given it to them!

5. Sign up for an art class or workshop
My original plan for this was to sign up for a class on a new technique at the Stitch Lab, but they're closing at the end of February and scaling back on their classes accordingly. Super bummed about that, but, in the meantime, my mother-in-law bought me the cutest book! It's a great supplement to taking a quilting class and I hope to learn a few new quilting techniques along the way.

6. Take something from a thrift store and turn it into something new
This one was super fun! I turned this old t-shirt into a tank top using this book I've had since high school as a resource. The shirt wasn't a from a thrift store, but I really didn't need to drag anything else home. I have plenty of works-in-progress here!

8. Doodle for 10 minutes straight, 24. Close your eyes and draw for five minutes, & 25. Draw yourself as a cartoon
I've had this book for a few years now, but have only the first few pages. This creativity challenge was a great time to break it back out again and I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of the year! Most of the drawing challenges I did within the book, but didn't photograph everything. 

9. Frame something you have been meaning to frame
So true story, bought a plexiglass frame and it was broken once I got it home. I returned it, but decided to try and buy frames from a different store and haven't got back around to it yet. "A" for effort?

14. Go to a movie, play, or concert.
I'm pretty proud of this one. I'm a huge homebody and don't really like going out to bars and hate going places after work as I'm usually exhausted. I could've easily picked the movie out of the 3 choices, but I went to live music! With other humans! In a public place! On a week night!

16. Make an inspiration board for a future project
Oh lawwwwd you don't have to tell me twice. I am a huge fan of making inspiration boards and Pinterest boards. You can follow me on Pinterest here!

18. Make origami

This one sort of fell into my lap. One of the kids at my work donated this really cute origami book that has instructions at the end on how to make an origami ladybug. For a few days, all the kids were obsessed and I spent half my mornings holding down creases and reminding them where to fold. It's an adorable book called More-Igami and you can check it out here

21. Find a new art blog or inspiring podcast to subscribe to
I really love this podcast! I'm sort of "new" to podcasts in that I didn't really start listening until about a year and a half ago. I didn't really get it. I tried listening to a few that Ari liked, but they didn't hold my interest. I finally found a few that I love and Dear Handmade Life has been permanently added to my rotation!  It's about two entrepreneurial and crafty ladies who interview experts ranging from craft shows to recipes to fashion. It's really up my alley and I highly recommend it!

22. Share a link to your favorite artists work

Of course (!!!) it had to be Frida! See the post here

23. Create an inspiring workspace in your home

27. Finish a work-in-progress you've had sitting around for a while
Okay this one is HUGE. I started working on this dress in May 2013. I cut the fabric out and it's been sitting in a pile for almost FOUR YEARS! I just keep shuffling it around to get to other things I'd rather be working on. I decided to use this challenge to finally finish this sucker. I feel accomplished to have finished it, but now that it's done...I don't actually like it. I bought the pattern when I still new to sewing because it looked easy but not because it was my style. It was definitely interesting to see how far I've come!

28. Listen to a new artist or album. Music can inspire you!
Finally listened to Port of Morrow by The Shins in it's entirety. It may not be "new" but it was new to me and and has been on regular rotation during the month of January.

29. Color in a coloring book
I hope this whole coloring book thing never goes away. I actually keep a little stash of these books that I found at Target a while back and occasionally use them as gifts. Side story... when I went to the art supplies store to buy colored pencils for some quilt planning sketches a few months ago, they had a really limited selection. When I asked the clerk what was up, he told me that adult coloring books have been so popular they can barely keep the full spectrum of colored pencils in stock. This is a problem that I am totally okay with.

30. Purge something to make space for new ideas.
Yes. Doing this all the time. I have been dropping stuff off at donation places, second hand stores, and used book stores. I know this was a single action item, but I've been doing a little bit almost every day! 

That's everything I did! When I look at it all spread out like this, it kinda feels like a lot even though it went by so quickly and I missed doing a few things. To see more of what other folks completed for the challenge check out #beecreative30days on IG for follow @beecreativeswaps.

Have a great weekend!