Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Out & About: SF Etsy Team Marketplace

After my last post about new beginnings, I thought taking some time to get reinspired and reconnect with the handmade community would be a great first step.  The local Etsy team in San Francisco was doing a few weekends of pop up markets so I decided to check it out and see what the SF craft scene was all about.

I found most things felt somewhat similar to marketplaces I'd been to before which was honestly super encouraging for me. I was worried the handmade craft world would feel like it's taken off and gone way beyond me at this point. I don't know if I was worried about my skill level, my trend awareness or what. The whole time I thought "yeah, I could totally make things that would be appropriate to sell here!" and it was a huge relief!

My favorite vendor by far was Bottle of Clouds! I think I loved her stuff because it was very similar to the jewelry I used to make for The Morose Bee as far as aesthetic goes. Cute, silly, random, and awesome earrings and broaches!

My spoils! I ended up picking up mostly gifts for other people, but the beet earrings from Bottle of Clouds are for me. I had a great time and felt like everything was cute and very reasonably priced. I'm hoping to get my act together and join the SF Etsy Team! I just want to refine my shop a bit more before I put myself out there. I feel like things for The Morose Bee in San Francisco are looking up!

Future Craft Shows/Marketplaces to explore:

Patchwork Show- November 4th
Jack London Square, Oakland, CA

Renegade Craft Faire- November 11 & 12
Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA

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  1. I hope to attend an Etsy marketplace too, one day. I'm so in love with that Frida Kahlo pin you got!