Sunday, February 19, 2017

Kids Art Hexie Pillows

I've been involved in dozens of class projects for school auctions over the last few years. This year I had to make an auction item for the classroom I actually teach in and I think I made my favorite item yet! Hexie pillows featuring the kids artwork! It certainly was not an original idea as I've seen a few things like this on Instagram, but I'm so so happy with how my variation came out!

First I let various kids in the class decorate premade hexies with a permanent fabric pen. The kids in my classroom range from ages 3-6 so I tried to let as many as possible make a hexie or two. Sometimes I would turn my head for a minute and one kid would have suddenly decorated a dozen of them, but I managed incorporate about half the class on the finished product. Some of them are obvious objects or words from the older children and some are just scribbles from the youngest children. The scribbly ones are kinda my favorite!

I love them so much it was hard to drop them off at school! I have several leftover hexies so I might be able to make something else to incorporate the extras and have a personal item to remember these special little people.

The green one below might be my ultimate favorite! I love the little hair! And those uneven legs! Kids artwork is just the absolute best.

This was easily one of the most fun things I have ever made and I hope to have the opportunity to do something like this again in the future. I'm definitely adding it to my repertoire of auction projects available through Made With Moxie!

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  1. I actually screened shot the picture of these pillows when you posted it on your IG. I wanted to save the idea so I could make one with Lily's doodles when she gets a little older. I love everything about them! Awesome job!