Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Creative Process: Fox Quilt

Last year I purchased the Elizabeth Hartman fox pattern to make stockings for the Stocking Stuffer Swap with Bee Creative Swaps and was able to use it again this year to make a full quilt! One of my friends recently had a baby and did a woodland creatures theme for the shower and nursery. I'm super pumped with how this once came out! I think it might be my first time making a full quilt with without simple squares or half square triangles!

For the fox face I used a bunch of miscellaneous plaids and flannels I had in my stash. I though the dark green background would work well for a forest-y look. Plus! I already had it and didn't need to buy anything for the top of this quilt! Always a plus. Some of the fox faces pop out better than others against the dark green, but I like the variety.

I also did something I've never tried before with the binding which was combine a bunch of scrap together. It look a while to cute and figure out which pieces were long enough to be worth using, but I love the look of it! I even mixed in a few pieces not cut on a bias and it honestly came out perfectly fine.

The backing was the only thing I purchased specifically for this quilt. I saw it at a quilt shop in Portland and knew it would be perfect for when I finally got around for making this quilt! I love the way in came out, but I'm looking forward to digging back in to some more half square triangle patterns!

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