Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Frida Favs: A Recap

As we come to the final week of crafting or shopping time for the Viva La Frida Swap, I decided to recap all the awesome stuff I've accumulated from the interwebs to share with you about Frida. I hope these posts have been inspiring even if you're not participating in the swap and maybe even taught you a thing or two about Frida Kahlo's life.

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Have a great weekend and stay inspired! And, of course, don't forget to check out Lizette's blog and the Bee Creative Swaps Facebook page!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Frida Frida Favs Pt 7: Frida DIYs

After posting some party inspiration (here), Lizette's post on free printables (here), and my own doll making DIY (here), I wanted to see what else was out there to share with you from other blogs. Viva La Frida Swap participants have just under 2 weeks left to finish putting together their swap items and I thought some good ideas with solid instructions would help anyone still struggling. Even if you've joined the swap and your project is under control OR if you're not in the swap at all, there are still so many fun ideas on things to make this weekend!
Frida Kahlo Nicho (source)
Pillow Video Tutorial. The video is Portuguese, but it's still very easy to follow! (source
Another easy to follow video for these cute earrings (source)
Ahhhh! I need to try this tutorial now! (source)
Floral Headband (source
This is about making a Frida Halloween costume, but there are some great ideas including these anatomical heart appliques (source)
Don't forget to check out Lizette's blog to see what inspiration she has to share to with you! Happy making and stay inspired friends!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Frida Favs Pt 6: Books About Frida

While I own a few biographies about Frida, I decided to see what the local Austin library had to offer while gathering swap inspiration for the Viva La Vida Swap. I haven't had a library card since I lived in Boston and I don't know exactly why but I am so impressed with the Austin library. I think because the library in my hometown had such a crappy selection that I am always amazed when I visit a library that has actual current books.

I was really pleased with how many Frida books they had and decided to check out a few that were photo heavy since I already had a few biographies at home. I ended up checking out three books:
The Diary of Frida Kahlo: An Intimate Self Portrait
Self Portrait in a Velvet Dress: Frida's Wardrobe- Fashion from the Museo Frida Kahlo
I Will Never Forget You... Frida Kahlo to Nikolas Murray: Unpublished Photographs and Letters

Her diary was inspiring and definitely one of the books I checked out that I want to purchase for my own collection. I found out her diary had been published in high school, but hadn't yet had to chance to read through it. It is a literally an exact page for page copy of her personal diary which is what I was really hoping for.

Seeing her pen strokes, her scribbles, her was really something. My Spanish is only so so and some of the text is scribbled and hard to read, but there are translations and some explanations/context in the back which is awesome. I used to keep an art journal in college and I stopped after a while for various reasons. A little later I started blogging here which has also been a great release, but it was definitely inspiring me to start journaling again. It's not really fair to judge it or rate it considering it's a diary and wasn't intended for anyone's benefit but Frida's, but that's what makes it so special. It feels like a little piece of her thoughts.

This is one that made it gasp when I found it on the shelves. I've seen a few photos of some of her clothing online, but I didn't realize there was a whole book of photographs of her clothing that was unlocked from her wardrobe at Casa Azul. Considering I can't afford a trip there anytime soon, this book gave me a little piece of the collection

The book has information from the museum director, the people who worked on restoring some of her clothing, and lots of cultural context and information about her clothing and the history of significance of Tehuana dresses. Several photographs show the outfits artfully staged throughout the museum which almost makes you feel like you're looking at a portrait of a ghost. At the time of this book's publishing, they hadn't quite restored the entire collection yet so I hope one day the whole collection is published. This book is REALLY expensive so I know...try not to spill coffee all over it. I have to say, if they ever finish repairing and photographing her entire wardrobe, I would totally spend the money on that.

 Nikolas Muray captured some of the most well known photos of Frida Kahlo including the portrait that was used for the cover of Vogue, but as someone who has looked at a A LOT of Frida stuff I love seeing the less popular photos. While her most famous photos are so wide spread for a reason, whenever I see something from Frida I've never seen before it gives me chills. This book had a few pictures that were new to me.

This book is great, but wasn't a MUST HAVE for me to run out and purchase. The photos are certainly incredible, but because they are some of her most famous photos it didn't feel as intimate. That probably stems from own desire to know her better as my knowledge of her life expands. There was also as a lot of information about Nikolas Muray which is understandable considering he was the photographer, but was less interesting to me. There were also some full copies of letters written from Frida to Muray which was neat to see Frida's personality and even some of her typos in English. While I'm not rushing out to throw down $25 on it, it was still an enjoyable browse and recommend checking it out at your local library if you can.

Stay inspired everyone!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Frida Frida Favs Pt 5: Frida Inspired Fashion

It goes without saying that in addition to be an amazing painter, activist, and a feminist before feminism was a thing, Frida Kahlo was a style icon. I've read articles that talk about how as she got older and her health declined, her clothing choices became more elaborate. From her Tehuana dresses to her braided hair, I would think she is one of the most recognizable people from the 20th century although I certainly don't have hard facts to back that up. Her style and essence is what made me fall in love with her when I learned about her artwork in the 8th grade. For today's post as part of our Viva La Frida Swap, I decided to do an outfit post (something I haven't done in forever!) and do a modern take on some of my own Frida inspired wardrobe choices.

Top- T.J. Maxx
Jeans- Target
Necklace- thrifted
Bag- A gift from Lizette from CreativityLizette

I've had short hair most of my life, but one of my goals in growing it out is to be able to do more Frida/Heidi-esque braids. This is my first attempt now that it's long enough to start doing more with it. I'm so excited! I know it's not the most amazing hairstyle, but for a short haired gal I'm pumped about it!

I put together an additional Frida inspired Polyvore board with some items I love from ModCloth and Etsy. I could probably look at Frida related stuff all day and never get bored....which is probably for the best considering that's all I've been doing wth this swap! I'm so glad I've found other like-minded people who can appreciate it with me!

Viva La Frida

Viva La Frida by themorosebee featuring graphic tees

Here's a video from Univision about the opening of her wardrobe collection at Casa Azul from back when it opened a few years ago. It is one of my dreams to be able to visit one day! When that day finally comes, I will TOTALLY be in tears the entire time. 

If you're participating in the Viva La Frida Swap, I hope you stay inspired! Don't forget to check out Lizette's blog for more inspiration. Have a great weekend!