Sunday, January 31, 2016

In Pictures: January 2016

Sleepovers are the best
Good ol' selfies
Just some gents out for a strut
Working on some new projects
Working on a piece for a tutorial
Yes. I painted a glittery flamingo on a pair of underwear. Because roller derby.
A gift I made for a friend.
Back in Texas!
More work on some new projects
My baby love
Household projects
2016 started off pretty rough. Most of it all trivial yet overly stressful life stuff, but I feel like the rough beginnings have paved the way for better things to come. I'm back in Texas (power drove 16 hours straight by myself. Booyah!) and I finally feel like I'm back into some kind of life flow.  From serious things like a new business in the works to getting back to roller derby practice, I feel really good about where this year is going.