Saturday, November 21, 2015

Feelin' Scrappy

When I first started sewing everyone told me "save your scraps! you can use all of it!" I've been sewing for a few years now and the scraps I've been saving have really begun to pile up. Since I haven't had time to tackle patchwork and quilting, I found a simple Scrap Coaster project to start using up some of my tinier scraps.

The bottom layer is felt, the middle layer is scraps of quilting batting I had, and the top is different pieces of fabric that were too small to be usable for most other projects. I tried to keep them all random in fabric, thread color, and layout. They're not the most amazing things ever, but it was fun way to declutter my fabrics while watching a movie. I made a total of like 20 of them so I figure they'll be good stocking stuffer gifts for the future.

I'm really looking forward to finding ways to keep using my fabric stash!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Things I Made

I made it a goal to start creating one thing per week as part of my birthday resolutions and so far I'm doing pretty good! I started taking sewing classes at the Stitch Lab here in Austin right after my birthday which definitely helps keep me motivated. Making appointments to do things has always worked best for me because then I'm accountable to someone else to be somewhere and get something done. Plus I get to learn new techniques that would probably take me 343984792374 as long after lots of cursing and watching YouTube how-to videos.

Star Wars bag! I've been holding onto this fabric forever.

Turquoise pillow was made at the Stitch Lab. The pillow behind it was made about 3 years ago.
One of my most favorite things I've made! A reversible dress for a friend's daughter. I might need one in my size!
I managed to average one item per week exactly in October! Woot woot! I'm not taking anymore classes anytime soon, but I'm pretty stoked to keep this momentum going.

What have you been making?