Monday, December 28, 2015

Valentine Crafting Inspiration

Christmas was a super stressful time for me for many reasons and I really didn't have a chance to enjoy many crafty Christmas projects other than making a few gifts for people. I really love holidays, seasonal decorations, and all of the other arguably pointless things surrounding holiday times. My mom was always big into decorating for different holidays so it's a bit nostalgia and a bit just plain fun. Having missed out on Christmas, I'm kind of excited to make some Valentine's Day inspired things!

I love pie pops and tartlets! These would also be super easy to vegan-ize (source)

I really like seasonal wreaths and this one is super cute! (source)

I love what a simple and cute pouch this makes for easy valentine gifts for a work place or classroom (source)

Such a cute gift idea for a significant other! Considering Ari and I just moved to Austin, this would be a fun way to explore the city together as well (source)

I'm currently looking for every idea to save for scrap fabric that I can. As my sewing habit grows so does my scrap fabric collection. These are super cute and simple (source)