Monday, May 6, 2013

A Creative Day (finally!)

 photo IMAG0794_zps9472a1b3.jpg
discovered my first tomato growing in the garden

 photo IMAG0808_zpsf526f0d2.jpg
little snail friend

 photo IMAG0795_zps18e3a29c.jpg
I'm still not sure what this was, but it was some kind of fuzzy thing at Home Depot. I almost bought but I was trying to stay focused on getting things for the veggie garden.

 photo IMAG0812_zpsb0d6e6b3.jpg
Repotted some plants and added a few additions to the little patio garden we've got going.

 photo IMAG0809_zps3b286beb.jpg
Succulent boot.

 photo IMAG0801-1_zps405b2ec0.jpg
Traif was "helping" me plant

 photo IMAG0822_zps45de3036.jpg
Melting wax for a candle making endeavor. I've never done it before and I'm 99% sure I was doing it wrong, but it was still kinda fun.

 photo IMAG0837_zpsc78c2c86.jpg

 photo IMAG0824_zps0b1a66fe.jpg
Working on Mother's Day gifts incorporating the homemade candles.

 photo IMAG0829_zps9d4f3bb7.jpg

 photo IMAG0828_zps8b839926.jpg
Long forgotten personal projects.

 photo IMAG0835_zps3f173bdc.jpg

 photo IMAG0836_zpscc1d7a22.jpg
Traif's food dish I painted a few weeks ago. Underneath the pig chow, it looks just like him!

 photo IMAG0840_zpsaf62ae9b.jpg
Finally working on a few past due gifts.

 photo IMG_20130504_194024_zps744f7ff9.jpg
And, of course, a little something for myself ;-p

I'm hoping to share a tutorial or two from what I've been working on lately and I'm really excited about finally picking up my own projects again! Hopefully I'll have a few shop updates by the end of the month too.