Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I've been really itching to get a new tattoo lately. It's been a year and a half since my last round under the needle and I think my body is ready for a little modification. I have a serious issue with being a tattoo snob, but body modification can be a serious, nearly religious, experience for many people and I take it very seriously. I mean I'm all for doing what you want with your body, but hello! Unless you're in a tribe, stay away from tribal arm bands.

Soooooooo I was super pumped to discover Fuck Yeah Tattoos. Usually tattoo websites have mostly okay tattoos with the occasional awesome piece of art, but Fuck Yeah Tattoos is nothing but awesome tattoo after awesome tattoo and it makes my heart go AKOJHNFOUEFH!!!!!

My next tattoo is going to be something along the lines of:

and I'm super pumped about it! I'm hoping to have by Valentine's Day. No particular romantic reason necessarily, but I feel like it's far enough away that I can reasonably raise the money to do it. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We Let Our Kids Play With This Crap

So one of my jobs is working at a toy store and, while I'm just a big immature kid at heart and love checking out the toys, the children's toy industry is FRIGGIN WEIRD. The most hilarious example of its weirditude is Playmobil. 

Now, Playmobil makes some of my favorite toys that my workplace carries such as:



After their fantasy stuff, it's just all downhill. Possibly one of my favorite collections is a little something I've affectionately named "Intensive Care Family."

For example, Premie Baby Action Figure:

OR Young Hot Grandma Wheeling Out Old Gramps:

And along to a special little diddy called Child Mauled by A Bear

Onto the next collection called "Oppression Castle:"

There are two important lessons with this collection.

First, your little bundle of joy will learn that her lackeys are around to prepare her bath

Second, is that you should find yourself a good nursemaid to maintain as little interaction with your own family as possible. 

Don't forget about the "Inaccurate Visions of Your Future Life" collection

featuring what is actually not-even-shitting-you called "Suburban Home"

Oh and *News Flash* it comes with expansion packs so you can run around screaming "OPULENCE! I HAS IT!"

But how will you pay for your giant suburban fuckwad of a home and all your indentured servants?
Never fear, Playmobil has figure it out by teaching our youth how to live a life of crime!

The Heist

The Getaway
complete with money flying out the wazoo!

Oh and just for fun.....

something offensive 

and a porta potty...yeah

God I love my job

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bieber Fieber

Okay well I know this video is super popular so I don't know if the whole world has seen this yet or not, but HOLY CRAP I laughed hysterically and cried like a baby how of sweetness while watching this.

For some reason the embedded link doesn't work so click here if you'd like to watch the full version sampled on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Internet Inspiration

Feelin' Hairy- Weekly Wishlist

I've had a lot of different hair colors, lengths, and styles and right now I'm pretty much in a medium length, boring color, transition period hair style. I'm waiting for my hair to grow out and I'm not entirely sure what to do with it. It's not long enough to put up, but but I can't get a funky cut because I'm trying to grow it out and getting it cut into a style would require taking off too much length.

Basically, this has all resulted it making me super obsessed with hats and hair accessories to compromise.

Click on any of the photos to be directed to all of the Etsy seller's shops!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Getting dressed every morning is usually really boring (working at a pizza place and wearing the same outfit every day) or really difficult (working at a place where I have to cover all of my tattoos). I try to take advantage of the days that I don't have to wear a company t-shirt and jeans to best of my ability.

my stamped earrings. i have several different types and styles of these available (click here for my shop).

my giant heart ring. i actually don't think i have any more of these for sale, but i wear this one a lot because it's chipped at the bottom so i can't sell it.
I was thinking about doing a series of posts with outfits from my pizza job focusing on ideas I have about how to get creative with the monotony of a uniform. I'll have to think on that for a bit...