Thursday, May 27, 2010


OH MY GOODNESS! Yesterday was Wednesday and I didn't do a Wednesday Wishlist! I think I've been really distracted by this whole roller derby thing. I've been trying to make time in the morning to practice skating and that's my normal Morose Bee time.

I guess it's only appropriate that I do a derby themed wishlist today. The first thing I really need are some proper derby skates, but it's always fun to look a accessories.

etsy seller: tamarakraft

Custom booty shorts from Etsy seller hotacrossbuns. you could get your derby name, number, or something to the effect of "eat my dust" on your bum. and lemme tell you, there were some nice tushies at the bout on Sunday. etsy seller: mulfordarts
skate guards from etsy seller babybitch. i saw a youtube video that said you should use duct tape on your skates to protect the toes and laces, but i think these are much cuter. i'm definitely going to get some when i get proper skates.

etsy seller: rocksandrollesdesigns
get it? it's a derby team line up on a necklace. genius!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Choo Choo

Here's a little sneak peak of things that I'm working on. I love these little trains! As you can see from the photos, I've only got the wheels done right now, but I'm hoping to have them glazed and ready to go to be posted next week! Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here's a treasury that I'm currently featured in! Click the photo to see the treasury.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Up and Down Weekend

Well.... the craft show I was supposed to do this past weekend was a total bust. There were hardly any people there. All of my friends who live in Gainesville said they hadn't even heard there was a craft show going on until I told them. Most of the vendors were pissed and there was lots of drama with police and just blehhhh. Needless to say I have no photos or exciting things to report about any of that.

So I left the Gainesville Art and Craft show sweaty and frustrated and decided to spend the rest of the weekend doing awesome things instead! What followed was a day at the beach resulting in a horribly awkward sunburn despite having applied sunscreen multiple times. In the photo above you can see that the inside of my legs are totally mutilated while the rest of my legs are fine. What gives, body?

But we finished the night up with roller derby. Yes. ROLLER DERBY. I've seen Whip It and thought it was awesome, but in real life in it's even better. When things are glorified in a movie, it's easy to be overwhelmed. Seeing it play out in real life made me want to join a Roller Derby team soooo bad. You can't do it until you're 21 plus I'm moving to Boston, but I'm moving in August, I turn 21 in October, and then try outs are normally in November. Friggin perfect timing to have a few months of practicing. During my 5 hour drive home, I have a lot of time to think and be by myself, so I spent most yesterday thinking about roller derby and really getting pumped about it. By the time I got home I was so excited about it that Ari and I went to Sports Authority and I bought myself a cheap-o pair of skates to start practicing. With my ankles being so darn burned up, I won't be able to start practicing for a few days though.

Anyways, in more Etsy related news, here is a treasury that I was featured in! Click the photo to be linked to the actually treasury.
Here's a fun little bacon treasury that I made. Click the photo to be linked to the treasury.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Etsy seller lavenderdreams4ever has a blog called Stop And Smell The Lavender which is currently hosting a Morose Bee Giveaway! Anyone who follows her blog and sign up to win any item from my store that is $17 or less. Check out the blog entry and for more info!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist

I don't know what it is with me being sick on Wednesdays, but I have felt like crap for the last 3 Wednesdays. Although, this time I don't think I'm going to be able to shake it. I think that I am officially sick. This is a most unfortunate occurrence considering the Gainesville Art and Craft Show is this weekend and being sick would make that extremely unpleasant.

In honor of my current state, this week's Wednesday Wishlist is a collection of very cute items that are illness and injury related.

etsy seller: theblackapple
etsy seller: deadlypretty

ladies night out treasury

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Internet Inspiration

I may have mentioned that my friend Nicole moved in with us a few weeks ago and it's been so awesome. Whenever I'm feeling creative, Ari's response is usually "that's cool" whereas Nicole's response is normally something that undoubtedly will lead to a mini adventure. Although yesterday we took out the trash and called a trash-adventure or "traventure" if you will. I took this picture of the coffee table last night of Nicole's Polaroids and my mustaches in progress. It's like a little craft portrait of the current state of our apartment life. I love it!

It's easy to feel more productive and inspired if you have another creative person to brainstorm with.Which leads me into the first Internet Inspiration segment I've had in a while.

This last one is the CUTEST blog in the whole entire world. It's about this guy Jim who blogs about making pancakes for his daughter, but they are super awesome pancakes in the shape of architecture, animals, or other crazy foods. click the photo to check out his website.

Monday, May 17, 2010

feeling floral

i made a treasury! click the photo to see the treasury itself.
i love making treasuries. it's fun to curate little collections of things you want. oh money, if only you grew on trees. or one tree. that i had. all to myself.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

pin ups

The latest of my vintage finds is up and ready to be oogled. You can check it out here.

In other WAYYYY more excited news, I finally received my proofs yesterday! About 3 weeks ago, my friends and I did a pin up photo shoot partly for fun and partly because I wanted to get some cool photos of my jewelry in action. I'm pretty happy with the results.

If you're friends with me on facebook either through my personal facebook or the morose bee facebook, then you can see more of them in more detail.

I think they'll make for great business cards and promotional photos either way!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist

Okay so here it is, the first of many vintage items making their way to my Etsy this week. I found this great black feathered hat at a little boutique and it's in perfect condition! I loved it so much I almost wanted to keep it, but I know I wouldn't wear it as often as it deserves. It's better off finding its fashionable soul mate on Etsy. Geez! I look pale in that photo. I didn't photo shop it or adjust the brightness or anything.

For this week's edition of Wednesday Wishlist, I've decided to feature a few items that I think would go great with this hat! Click on any of the photos to see their source.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Yesterday my friend Nicole and I went on a thrifty adventure through Lake Worth and Southern West Palm Beach. I knew there were a few thrift stores in the area, but there were literally dozens all on one road and we had no time to stop at them all. Some places were filled with gorgeous eyegasms floor to ceiling and other places were not so great and smelled like B.O. Overall it was a lot of fun and you'll have to keep an eye on the vintage section of my Etsy shop to see the fruits of our labor. Plus we're going back again next Monday to hit up things we missed. I'm very excited!

I've got a few new tea pot rings up right now

Friday, May 7, 2010

Zombies and Sweat

Just posted this new Night of the Living Ring Holder zombie hand jewelry display! I made something just like this as a Christmas gift for my friend Rachael and I just thought it was too awesome to not make more of them. It's nice to get a break from posting the same ol' types of jewelry too.

In other news, it's once again getting hot as bawlzzz here in Florida. I've been clearing out all of my boots as well as any clothing item made out of any type of even slightly thick fabric. The weird part is, we're slowly but surely getting ready for our big move to Boston (yay!) where I will be freezing my butt off for most of the year and I have ZERO real winter weather clothes. So, while I'm sweating to death all summer, I'll also be shopping for pants, jackets, and gloves. Right now I'm so in love with this jacket from rococovintage. If not for the $145 price tag I would have purchased it already. I'm biding my time, but, unless some other more affluent shopper comes along in the next 2 weeks, IT WILL BE MINE!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Emerging from my Nyquil Coma

New items posted this morning! WOO! I've been excited about finally get these tea pot rings up. I have 4 tea pot colors of which 2 are posted so far and I also plan on adding granny smith apple rings as well.

Well I still have yet to figure out what is wrong with me. I've tried nicotine, caffeine, carbohydrates, excedrin migraine, a long warm bath, a head rub, a back rub, and a good night's rest-- all which are things that normally help me shake a headache and general BLEH feelings --and I still feel like crap.

In other slightly more interesting news, The Morose Bee jewelry is now available for purchase at Queen City Emporium in Springfield, MO!!! Their grand opening is this weekend and my items arrived this morning!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today is Wednesday which means I should be doing a Wednesday Wishlist post right now. However, I currently feel like death. I have done everything I can think of to try and shake this skull crushing headache, but it won't go away. Forgive me as I go soak in a warm bath for a while.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Internet Inspiration #4- Coffee Kid

Leslie Buck, the designer of the most famous coffee cup umm... like ever, died last week. You can read an article about Buck's cups here. They also sell ceramic versions of the cup here, but I'd rather make my own than pay $38 for one. Those silly blue cups have been in just about every movie that takes place in New York City (which is really every movie) and is also the inspiration for the coffee cup design for Kidrobots Yummy Breakfast Coffee Keychain. I am obsessed with this stupid little keychain. I dunno why. I just know that I drink obscene amouns of coffee and I love Kidrobot. Incase you don't know, Yummy Breakfast come in surprise boxes, which means that I have easily spent $100 buying these things. I've been picking one up almost every time I've gone into Urban Outfitters for the last 2 years. I've gotten several doughnuts, bagels, and even the mystery toast. Oh yes, the mystery toast. Never a coffee. You're probably wondering why I don't just check out Ebay or trade with someone or find some other way to get one. Well...because I'm not a quitter god dammit. I have to find one on my own. It seems silly for a cheap little keychain, but I'm weird like that. It's been my own secret little Willy Wonka Golden Ticket for the last few months minus Gene Wilder or Johnny Depp or chocolate. When I found out that Leslie Buck had died it was odd to think that little blue cup was just created by some Eastern European dude trying to cater to Greek NYC deli's and then it was everywhere. It's weird how these little sub-culture products come to be.

For today's internet inspiration I've decided to showcase a few of my other favorite homage to food/beverage obsessions... Food Tattoos. I friggin love them. They're so ridiculous and fun. I was surprised that I wasn't able to find any coffee cup tattoos, but oh well.