Saturday, July 1, 2017

Viva La Frida Swap: What I Sent Part 2

For the Viva La Frida Swap, I had one partner and then ended up being a swap angel for someone else. Because I didn't take as many photos of this as my previous swaps, but you can see my whole post about the mugs I made here. 

My second partner was a mom of 3 so I wanted to send her some practical items for running around with her kiddos. I decided to make her a tote and send her travel mug I had made. My little extras for her were a pair of Frida Socks and a cactus ornament, but I also threw 2 books for her kids. One book is one of my favorite kids books about Frida Kahlo and one was a little book about San Francisco to include a little something about where I live.

I had a chunk of extra Frida fabric from previous items I've made so I threw in a decent cut of that for her own making in the future. Bonus: it made good padding to ship the mug!

I tried to send something completely different than what I sent my first partner and it was really fun getting new inspiration for Frida items for someone else! 

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