Tuesday, May 31, 2016

In Pictures: April & May 2016/Things I've Made

I have a part time job that has been asking me work close to full time hours these last few weeks and it's been rough on the creativity aspect of my life. I posted my Friday Frida Favs late last week which was frustrating for me because I've really been enjoying helping to organize the Viva La Frida swap and I don't like falling behind. I also wanted to make it a personal goal to post my "In Photos" monthly posts I'd been doing. I missed that for April. Now we're in June, my schedule is back to part time and I can focus on the Viva La Frida Swap and other creative projects I have going on!

Anyways, here's some things I've been sewing/making during the last few weeks of craziness.

Starry Starry Night inspired Washi Dress for my mother in law
Pillow case made as gift for a friend
Custom doll! I am loving these little dudes!
UF kitchen stuff for my parents. Definitely going to be utilizing this pattern for some functional Christmas gifts

Custom artwork I did as part of my new company Made With Moxie

Saturday, May 28, 2016

[Belated] Friday Frida Favs Pt 4: Finding Frida

Hola! This post is a little late due to a bit of a hectic week. I debated just skipping it altogether, but I had a little time today and I really enjoy the creative exercise so I figured I'd go ahead and post a late Friday Frida Favs post. Last week I went out to a store here in Austin called Tesoros Trading Company. They sell a ton of folk art from various countries including Mexico and, of course, have several Frida items there as well. I honestly have no clue if this is a chain, but they do have a online catalogue that can be found HERE.

I wanted to get a little inspiration and find some fun small prize items for our "Where's Frida?" photo contest on Instagram. Incase you missed it, there's still a few days to enter! Essentially, if you're out and about in your neighborhood and you see a Frida mural, photo, tchotchke, or anything else snap a photo of it with the hashtag #FindingFrida. You can check out all the details on the Bee Creative Swaps Instagram page here. One randomly selected winner will be announced June 1st!

The prizes for the "Where's Frida?" photo contest!
Anyhoo, the other reason I wanted to go was I have had a Frida Kahlo necklace pendant for about 6 years just sitting in my jewelry box. I never got around to finishing a necklace for it for whatever reason. You know how craft projects go... This whole craft swap has inspired me to get it finished (finally!) and I wanted to see what kinda of beads Tesoros would have to go along with it.

I ended up getting these 10 skeleton beads that I want to incorporate with some other beads to finalize the necklace. Now that I don't make jewelry for Etsy anymore, I don't have many of my jewelry making supplies so I'll need to scope out some jewelry and beading stores in Austin to finish it up. 

I snapped a few more photos of some other Frida items Tesoros had. I definitely would love to snag a few other pieces of art, but I was good and kept my purchases to a minimum!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Frida Favs Pt. 3: Little Frida Doll

If you didn't see my post on making my first dolls, you can check it out here. I've been really enjoying the process of doll making and have made a few since my first post. I knew that as soon as we started on this whole Viva La Frida Craft Swap fun that I would definitely be making Frida doll!

My head spun in 20 directions when deciding which details would be best to include in the doll because Frida Kahlo had so iconic outfits. I tried looking at photos of the exhibit of her clothing and I picked out three elements to incorporate into the doll:
1. geometric patterns
2. lace
3. flowers

And yes when I'm making dolls I TOTALLY talk to them, make them dance, and just get pretty goofy.  I can't help myself. I like using mostly scrap materials when I make dolls. I think it makes them a little more unique. In this case, I realized I didn't have any black felt for her hair so I decided to use dark purple.  

I teach myself more and more about this process every time I make a new one. Like this time I decided to change the stitch length and put less stuffing in the arms and legs so they were easier to attach. You can check out more about how I make the dolls and even get a pattern for yourself in THIS post where I made my first dolls.

And don't forget sign ups for the Viva La Frida Craft Swap close TOMORROW! Click here to sign up. And don't forget to check out Lizette's blog HERE, to see what great inspiration she's been posting.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Friday Favs Pt 2: A Frida Fiesta

Happy Friday everyone! I've had some health issues these last few days so I'm posting Friday Frida Favs a bit late, but all is well now. This Friday I wanted to share some fun Frida inspired party ideas. I've seen Frida themed baby showers, weddings, birthday parties, and any kind of celebration you can imagine. I picked out some of my favorite elements as well as found some great blogs and shops that you get tutorials or downloads from would be awesome for hosting your own Frida soiree.

How great are these invitations from Etsy seller Hermanitas Design? This sample is intended for a kids party, but I think that with all your customized information on there it could work for any event source

SRSLY? Can you look at this amazing desert table with tiny Frida cake pops?! source
Love these precious little customized match boxes from Etsy seller Dos Borreguitas. You could fill them with candy, beads, or a small thank you note source

Love these big colorful flowers! I want this to my doorway in my house all the time source

I love this! This isn't a from a Frida themed party, but it's still a great Matryoshka kids party and I love these streamers! So colorful, simple, and definitely unique source
Best photo booth props ever! source

And what party would be complete with a Frida inspired refreshment? source
Stay inspired and don't forget to sign up for the Viva La Frida Swap by clicking here

Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Frida Favs Pt 1: Frida Tattoos

To help everyone stay inspired over the course of the Viva La Frida swap, Lizette and I will be doing a series every Friday called Friday Frida Favs where we share things inspired by Frida that are inspiring us! I am huge fan of tattoos and body modification so Lizette gave me the great idea to share some Frida tattoos. Falling down the internet spiral of looking Friday tattoos was delightful and made me want more tattoos!

I have my own Frida inspired tattoo which is my chest piece. It's a portion of a quote from what I believe was an unsent letter to Diego Rivera. The quote is "te quiero mas que a mi propia piel" which translates to "I love you more than my own skin." I decided to get a portion of the words just in English for a few reasons, but mostly because my Spanish skills aren't super strong and I worried I would deal with a lot of headaches with native speakers assuming I was fluent.

I hope to add to my chest someday and add in more elements of Frida's work, but for now I'm left to look at all the beautiful artwork on other people. On to the beautiful tattoos!


I hope you stay inspired! 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Viva La Frida Craft Swap

Y'all...I AM SO EXCITED! Lizette and I are finally launching our new swap! After a month of voting the winning name was Viva La Frida. In case you're not familiar, this swap is all about honoring the life and artwork of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

This swap is perfect for everyone, even if you know nothing about Frida Kahlo. This is a great opportunity to learn about her. You have no time? No problem. You can buy Frida themed art work and goods instead.
Lizette from CreativityLizette and me will be posting "Friday Frida's Favs" on our blogs to help you out with some ideas and see how much Frida has inspired others.

Need some inspiration now?! You seriously need to check out Lizette's blog! She has done some amazing Frida inspired projects. Check 'em out this shadow box that is still displayed in my bedroom, these fun photo props, this Frida altar, and this collection of lovely trinkets she did as a fun giveaway!

Okay so back to the swap! The rules:
1. Sign up by May 21, 2016.
2. You'll receive details of your swap partner on May 31. Feel free to say hi/hola via email, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
3. Create, gather, paint, construct shop for a Frida Kahlo themed gift, personalized for your swap partner based on their likes. Amount $25 - $30, not including shipping. We encourage shoppers to support independent local business. For example, sellers on Etsy.
4. Swap gifts in the mail no later than July 1st, that way we would all receive a gift to open on Frida's birthday week. Tracking is highly recommended.
5. Optional: Send sneak peek pictures of your progress work to Bee Creative Swaps on Facebook Messenger so we can post them on BeeCreativeSwaps Instagram account.
6. Fill out the Google Doc to sign up!