Friday, November 25, 2016

A Simple Wishlist

November has been a hard month for a lot of people. Let's be honest, this election was no fun. I've been pretty bummed and focusing on work, finding activist events and groups to join up with, and trying to catch up with life in general. I had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday, spent some time snuggling with a bunny, received my stocking from the Bee Creative Swaps Stocking Swaps, and am just generally feeling a tiny bit better about facing the world. 

In honor of Black Friday and a few current issues weighing heavy on my mind, I put together a little holiday shopping wishlist from Etsy sellers some of which are just items I love and some are items I love that also benefit a great cause.

This is an item I've loved for literally YEARS and have never purchased it. I'll probably continue to covet it for a while. (source)
This is just amazing (source)

I shared some of Chunchitos items on my Frida themed Etsy seller's posts, but I can't help but also love this bag! (source)

Fun fact: I can't help but love things with uteruses on them. I can't help it. Even better, proceeds from this this little kit benefit Planned Parenthood. (source)

I love this bag! I ordered one pretty much as soon as I found it and all proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood (source)

I love this pin for many reasons, but partially because it makes me think of Hamilton. $7 from each sale goes to the Souther Poverty Law Centre (source)

There's a lot of Standing Rock charity merchandise available, but I love this simple necklace (source)

Had to end things on a light note and this print is amazing (source)

This weekend I'll be sharing my Bee Creating Stocking Swap sent and received items. Happy Friday and be kind to yourselves <3 div="">

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