Saturday, October 22, 2016

What I Received: Christmas Kitchen Swap

I was so excited to finally receive my Christmas Kitchen Swap items! You can see what I sent in a post here. I'm still very in the Halloween spirit so I'll be tucking these gems away until after Thanksgiving, but I can't wait to take them back out! The person making items for me was Pat (@patspera9 on IG) and she did such a beautiful job on every detail. 

She sent me so many things, it was hard to fit it all into one picture! The overall theme was Christmas elves/gnomes. I had a big winter gnome photo in my original inspiration mosaic on IG so I appreciated that she really stuck with what I liked.

The swap requirement was 2 placemats, 1 tea towel, and 1 pot holder. She sent so many extras so I'll start with the swap basics.

I keep seeing other quilters and sewers with little custom name tags. They're so cute! I need to look into getting some for myself.

I love these oven mitt! The photo is kinda blurry, but trust that it is equally adorable in focus.

Now for pictures of the extras! Some of the extras might honestly bee my favorite. The extras included coasters, a doily ornament, a little pencil case full of miscellaneous extras, and a yard of some awesome fabric.

This little pile arrived inside the pencil case and includes a tape measurer, two keychains, screen cleaners, and a chalk marking pen.

This fabric OH EM GEEEEEE. I had been coveting this at the fabric store, but didn't purchase it because it was a splurge I didn't really "need." I was SO EXCITED when she threw some in for me as one of my extras! Now I gotta figure out what to make...

This swap was SO MUCH FUN! I'm hitting the breaks on other swaps for a bit so I can focus on Bee Creative Swaps and what I've committed to for the Maker Mob (@maker_mob on IG), but oh man this is addicting! 

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