Saturday, October 15, 2016

What I Made: Christmas Kitchen Swap

It seems crazy early to be thinking about Christmas sometimes, but I just finished a Christmas Kitchen Swap and am in the middle of the Bee Creative Stocking Swap! Christmas Kitchen Swap partner received her items a few days so it's finally safe to share!

I found the Christmas Kitchen Swap through Lizette on Instagram. It's the first time I'd done a sewing specific swap so I was nervous and excited. I had to made 1 tea towel, 1 pot holder, and 2 placemats. 

I found this fat quarter pack at a local fabric store and immediately fell in love with their vintage feel and knew I wanted to used them for this swap. I also took a huge leap on the Christmas tree style piecing on the placemats. I'd never done anything like that before so there was a huge change I would screw it up, but I really love how it came out.

My partner also specified that they really loved Santa Claus specific Christmas items so I made sure to use lots of extra Santa Fabric on the oven mitt and the pot holder.

I couldn't think of many super creative "extras" to send with this swap especially because in September there isn't yet a ton of Christmas items in stores. Instead, I decided to make extra things to send. I included an extra oven mitt and tea towel so my partner would have a larger matching set of things for their kitchen.

I found these vintage Christmas postcards at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore over the summer. One was blank and one had clearly been saved after being mailed to someone. I thought it was such a fun find as I've always enjoyed collecting vintage ephemera. 

The oven mitt and towels I've made before from a class I took and have them several times for other people, but overall this swap was a really excellent opportunity for me to flex the sewing skills I've learned to try to make something from my own brain for someone else. Much of my sewing up to this point has been working with an instructor, following a pattern, or looking up tutorials of some kind. This time around, I found my initial inspiration and then just went for it. I'm really excited to keep exploring ideas and continue to teach myself new skills.

I haven't yet received my items for this swap, but I'm so excited to see it all! Now to get to finishing my stocking for the next swap....

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