Saturday, October 8, 2016

Spooky Saturday: Halloween Prep

Sooooooo I know I've skipped a few Spooky Saturdays, but things have been a bit hectic lately. I really enjoy making these creative challenges for myself and I was hoping to do a bunch of Halloween things this season, but with a swap deadline, a wedding I was out of town for, and just general life stuff... I got a bit behind.  But we're a week into October, I've started getting myself organized, and I'm back to Halloween prep. This year for the first time ever, I'm attempting to make my halloween costume from scratch! I've always "assembled" Halloween costumes as opposed to sewing anything, but this year I finally have the skills to make it happen. I'm going to be Flame Princess from Adventure Time!

Some Inspiration

The first step was transitioning out of  purple hair. I could buy a wig, but they're pricey, I might not even need it again, and I already like dying my hair. I knew I wanted to be Flame Princess a while back and decided to let the purple fade out. I died it a really dark red knowing it would also fade a lot before Halloween and I plan to add in some bright orange soon. My bathroom also looked like I murdered someone for kind of while. It might still look like that...

I purchased 3 different fabrics for her dress, but struggled to figure out how to assemble it for a while.  I found this neat resource of the Flame Princess pattern, but I wanted something a bit more umm...casual, I guess. Ultimately, I decided I'm going to take my Washi Dress Pattern and edit it to look like the Flame Princess dress. I haven't cut into the fabric yet mostly because I've been stalling while I finish formulating how I want to make the dress.

The only thing I really haven't decided on yet is her orange skin. The idea of coating my face and arms in orange make up sounds less than fun. I'm still pondering that and open to suggestions from any of my friends that do cosplay or have other experience in this kind of thing. I've never done a super elaborate costume, but when I stop and think about it I'm honestly kind surprised at myself that I never got into cosplay. 

I'm looking forward to finishing and posting the rest of the costume!

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