Sunday, July 31, 2016

In Pictures: June/July 2016

Working on my Viva La Frida Swap
Derby trips to new places
My first full size quilt!
More quilt progress
Visiting my favorite museum
In Maryland
New favorite pants
Summer concerts 
More sewing projects
Family time in Florida
This summer has been a little stressful as is most of my life. In addition to all of the Viva La Frida stuff going on, June was an ALL-OF-THE-ROLLER-DERBY-ALL-OF-THE-TIME kinda month. Two tournaments and a handful of games on the side and about 40 hours of driving all through the midwest. I visited two new states for the first time and met tons of new people. July was more of a vacation month. I started my first full size quilt, visited family, read two books, saw two concerts, binge watched some new Netflix shows, and even took a few lovely evening Pokemon catching strolls through the park. Now that I type this all out, this summer has been pretty awesome and we've still got another month of summer to go.

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