Tuesday, May 31, 2016

In Pictures: April & May 2016/Things I've Made

I have a part time job that has been asking me work close to full time hours these last few weeks and it's been rough on the creativity aspect of my life. I posted my Friday Frida Favs late last week which was frustrating for me because I've really been enjoying helping to organize the Viva La Frida swap and I don't like falling behind. I also wanted to make it a personal goal to post my "In Photos" monthly posts I'd been doing. I missed that for April. Now we're in June, my schedule is back to part time and I can focus on the Viva La Frida Swap and other creative projects I have going on!

Anyways, here's some things I've been sewing/making during the last few weeks of craziness.

Starry Starry Night inspired Washi Dress for my mother in law
Pillow case made as gift for a friend
Custom doll! I am loving these little dudes!
UF kitchen stuff for my parents. Definitely going to be utilizing this pattern for some functional Christmas gifts

Custom artwork I did as part of my new company Made With Moxie

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