Saturday, May 28, 2016

[Belated] Friday Frida Favs Pt 4: Finding Frida

Hola! This post is a little late due to a bit of a hectic week. I debated just skipping it altogether, but I had a little time today and I really enjoy the creative exercise so I figured I'd go ahead and post a late Friday Frida Favs post. Last week I went out to a store here in Austin called Tesoros Trading Company. They sell a ton of folk art from various countries including Mexico and, of course, have several Frida items there as well. I honestly have no clue if this is a chain, but they do have a online catalogue that can be found HERE.

I wanted to get a little inspiration and find some fun small prize items for our "Where's Frida?" photo contest on Instagram. Incase you missed it, there's still a few days to enter! Essentially, if you're out and about in your neighborhood and you see a Frida mural, photo, tchotchke, or anything else snap a photo of it with the hashtag #FindingFrida. You can check out all the details on the Bee Creative Swaps Instagram page here. One randomly selected winner will be announced June 1st!

The prizes for the "Where's Frida?" photo contest!
Anyhoo, the other reason I wanted to go was I have had a Frida Kahlo necklace pendant for about 6 years just sitting in my jewelry box. I never got around to finishing a necklace for it for whatever reason. You know how craft projects go... This whole craft swap has inspired me to get it finished (finally!) and I wanted to see what kinda of beads Tesoros would have to go along with it.

I ended up getting these 10 skeleton beads that I want to incorporate with some other beads to finalize the necklace. Now that I don't make jewelry for Etsy anymore, I don't have many of my jewelry making supplies so I'll need to scope out some jewelry and beading stores in Austin to finish it up. 

I snapped a few more photos of some other Frida items Tesoros had. I definitely would love to snag a few other pieces of art, but I was good and kept my purchases to a minimum!

Happy Saturday!

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