Friday, April 1, 2016

A New Swap! But First....A Vote!

Bee Creative swaps is back in action! As you may remember, Bee Creative Swaps began as a collaboration between my blog The Morose Bee and Creativity Lizette, a blog by my friend Lizette. After a few years of not doing any swaps and being busy with our own personal lives, Lizette and I have decided to organize a new swap with a theme that is very near and dear to our hearts-- Frida Kahlo!
We have a lot of exciting details to announce for the swap and sign ups will open on May 1st, but we need a little help coming up with a name first. We are torn between something serious and something light-hearted so we want your votes! Voting will be open until the end of April. 

Check out the Bee Creative Swaps Facebook page to see swaps we've done in the past!

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