Monday, September 28, 2015

Like Mother Effin' Phoenix

Well hey. How are ya? If anyone is still checking or reading this.....

I have returned to the interwebs for creative output, inspiration, venting, and all those good things that I have missed. I started this blog right before I moved to Boston because I was broke, trying to earn income via Etsy, and survive while my boyfriend (now husband) conquered law school. Once we returned to Florida and I invested in a paint your pottery studio along with a business partner. It seemed like my need for a creative pursuit as my main source of income had been met. I achieved my dream job and thus gave up on most other creative pursuits. Well, some time has passed and now I'm starting to feel a little differently about things. It's funny...I own a creative based business and people love to say things like "I would love to work here and paint all day!" That is not at all what I do. My job is paying bills, marketing, cleaning, scheduling, responding to e-mails. My job owning an art studio allows me the opportunity to create very little art. I've been okay with that because the studio is designed to help the Non Artist have a great experience. Forty-somethings who nervously laugh and say "oh I can't even draw a stick figure" can come to my store, have a great time, and take home a little memento from the whole thing. I love that. I really, really love that. BUT it has officially stopped being enough for the creative part of my brain to try and live vicariously through my customers. Don't get me wrong! I still absolutely have the best job ever, but I've been doing some thinking. Analyzing my life. My priorities. Trying to figure out what direction to take. In some ways, so much of my life is already figured out. I'm happily married, I have a business that I'm passionate about, I have a supportive family, I have an amazing hobby of being a roller derby official that has brought wonderful people into my life. Things are pretty sweet overall. But then there's the little things. Creative projects, how I spend my free time, the space that I live in. In the grand scheme of life and the universe and all that crap, something like sewing place mats and decorating your apartment is bullshit. However, as trivial as it may be, those little creative pursuits fill the gaps and make me happy. So, I've decided to return to MAKING. Drawing more. Painting more. Sewing more. Decorating more. Writing more. Blogging more. Doing more of the things that I miss and I love.

So I'm back. Here's the shortest summary ever of the last 2 years of my life.

I got married. Also, this is the best wedding photo ever.
My business partner and I purchased Go van Gogh and rebranded it. The new store is called Craft Haus! It's beautiful and I love it so much! Check it out 
My sweet little baby big is nice, big hog now.
Oh yeah! And we moved to Austin, TX. I don't know how often I will end up posting, but I'm excited. I'm excited to make and to share.

See you in a bit!

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