Monday, November 10, 2014

Tiny Gifts for Tiny People

This holiday season, I'm making it my goal to hand-make all of my gifts. That is usually my goal every year, but at some point the "OH CRAP! Christmas is!" moment kicks in and I ended up trying to figure out what I can purchase to save time. To kick off the crafting spree, I've been working on some things for some friends that just had the teeniest (and cutest!) baby. Appliqu├ęs are a great way to use up some fabric and do a quick gift and I've been adding designs to pre-made onsies. I say "quick," except I'm making like a bajillion so quick has turned into taking-a-little-while. There not really for Christmas, but it feels nice to be making things again and to get started on new projects. I'm really bad about taking the time to be creative for myself, but I'll stay up all night making things for other people. 

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