Sunday, April 7, 2013

A New Addition

I hope the spring time is treating everyone well! As usual, I've been busy with work, but I wanted to formally introduce some of my internet friends to my new love! Introducing, Traif!

 photo IMAG0727_zps3cdd5c83.jpg

He's an 8 week old pot belly piglet and, in my opinion, the cutest thing on Earth! I've had him for a few weeks now. I've never been a crazy cat lady or one to just be totally obsessed with my pets, but I am officially a CRAZY PIG LADY. I just never understand that whole personality type, but from the moment I saw him, my heart melted and I knew he was my baby.

 photo IMG_4678_zps53577d67.jpg

Cutest picture ever taken. Don't deny it.

 photo IMAG0704_zpsdf9ff07f.jpg

 photo IMAG0715_zpsd67964b8.jpg

Prepare for future posts full of piggy goodness!

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