Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Swap: What I Sent

I've been meaning to post some updates about this for a while and I just hadn't had a free moment to upload my pictures (most of my entires from this week were written last week.) 

So for the Halloween Swap that I did with Lizette, this is what I sent to my swap partner Mari! She is going as a witch this Halloween and I just so happened to be working on my witch pendants for my shop when she told me! It was just too perfect not to send her one!

She also mentioned something about dressing up at work, so I thought sending her a coffee cup for the daily grind would be a cute addition so she could have something wearable and something that was just sorta for fun!

Sorry the pictures are so yellow! They were taken in my kitchen just moments for shipping them off. 

and stay tuned for more photos from this swap as well as updates on future swaps!!!

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