Friday, October 12, 2012

Bringing Stress To New Heights!

In the last week, my life has been a complete roller coaster. And I know every week I'm writing about how busy I am or how crazy things are, but this week is different.

Received last minute notice that I am leaving on Monday to go to New Jersey for ceramics consulting work,
Ari and I solidified that we are going to be moving in less than a year,
decided on a wedding venue,
my final home league bout for this season for roller derby is tomorrow,
I have undertaken a new project in which I am helping to start a non profit,
I'm working on the launch of a new blog for reasons unrelated to The Morose Bee,
oh yeah.... and it's my birthday.

Let's just say, things have reached a new level of chaos.

Hoping to return to my art soon.

<3 p="p">Emily

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  1. Happy birthday Emily! Give me some time, but I'm sending something special your way. Relax friend and enjoy the ride. Things are boring over here.