Friday, October 26, 2012

23 before 24

I started working on this list about a month before my birthday and ended up setting it to the side for a while. With all of the new things on my plate, I wasn't sure what direction my life was taking and I felt I should reevaluate some of my (then) current plans and goals.

Also, I totally wrote out a 22 before 23 list only to realize that I am 23 now and turning 24 next year! WHAT...THE...HELL.....

So here it is, 23 Goals before I turn 24

1. Watch 52 new movies: roughly one per week. Considering How I almost always have the TV on in the background when I am working at home, I think this is totally doable.
2. Read 12 new books: roughly one per month. It seems like such a low number for me. I used to read like 2-3 per week when I was in grade school. It's sad that now it's become such a low priority in my life.
3. Successfully complete a full 30 day raw food cleanse: I always start off really well with this, but usually after the first week I have a cheat that totally throws me off the deep end.
4. Learn basic sewing skills: I have always wanted to be able to sew, but with all my other projects going on, I never made it a priority. Well, I pulled the trigger and finally bought a sewing machine and signed up for beginner classes.
Which leads me to......
5. Sew my Halloween 2013 costumes completely from scratch: I don't even know what I want to be yet, but I hope I'll be able to make it all myself!!
6. Participate in 4 craft shows: I haven't done a craft show since the Retro Indie Market back in February 20...crap...2010? 2011? I can't even remember! Clearly it's been too long.
7. Plan my wedding: okay so maybe not ENTIRELY planned since my wedding is not until April 2014, but I want to be done with all of the "big elements" so I can spend the last few months enjoying my time with Ari instead of being at each other's throats right before our wedding. Last time I checked, weddings were supposed to be romantic, but I have yet to hear of a bride who wasn't about to kill everyone who crossed her path.
8. Move back to Florida: this one might be a little be unfair because it's already happening, but the problem is I'm not 100% certain on when it will happen. Here's to hoping it is sooner than later!
9. Streamline The Morose Bee product line:  I keep meaning to sit down and actually look at what items have been good sellers for me. I have a tendency to just make and post what seems fun to do at the time, but really I should make sure I always have my best sellers in stock and not spend so much energy on things that just sit in a box in my living room forever.
10. Get in the habit of exercising 5 days a week: I'm not saying I'm trying to magically become a gym junkie over night, but whether it is roller skating at derby practice, yoga, going for a run, spending time in the pool, whatever, I need to get off my butt a lot more.
11. Get in the habit of drawing something every day: I dream about this morning routine I have in a my head a lot. Part of it is get up, make coffee, sit and sketch every morning for 15 minutes. I feel like it shouldn't be too much to want, but somehow it never happens!
12. Stop drinking soda: Oh Coca-Cola. You are so bad for me, but so delicious.
13. Launch my second blog: I have a blog in progress for the work I've been doing for the last 5 years with children's art. I will still use The Morose Bee for all things crafty, but I'm really excited about this new boost in the educational components of my career.
14. Get my non-profit off the ground: some people know that I am working on starting a non-profit with some of my co-workers. The whole thing is all very new, but we are hoping to have a successful 2013 year. I can't wait to share more about this!
15. Go thrifting and antiquing more often: This is something I used to do at least once a month and I don't think I've been to a thrift store in the last year. I just haven't had the time for such a hobby.
16. Streamline my wardrobe: Okay, this is a weird one, but I haven't grown at all since I was about 12 years old which means I never had a real reason to "need" to get rid of some of my clothing. Because of that, by the time I was about 19, my wardrobe was just spilling out of my closet. I've gotten SOO much better and have given away A LOT of clothing, but I still feel like I have a closet full of a pre-teens clothing.
17. Get another tattoo: enough said!
18. Take a trip with Ari: I don't want to go anywhere far away a crazy, but a weekend trip somewhere would be so nice. We haven't been anywhere together in quite a while.
19. Try 5 new cupcake recipes: I have a crazy amount of cookbooks all of which have a dessert sectioned plus my cookie and cupcake cookbooks themselves! I bake very rarely, but I always wish I did it more often!
20. Finish cooking every recipe in Appetite for Reduction: It's my favorite cookbook and I've made more than half of the recipes, but I would love to say that I've tried it all.
21. Get a new pet: First of all, let me just say that I love Denny my hedgehog, but I need a puppy or kitten or piglet or some kind of "real" pet that I can snuggle with when I come home.
22. Get 9 hours of sleep a night: Okay, really...if I don't get a solid 12 hours, I am dead to the world which is pretty bad. I am a sleep-o-holic. There are some days where I only get 4-5 hours. If I really try to make myself go to bed and get a little more sleep everyday, I think that I would be so much better off.
23. Have on day off per week: I tend to be constantly working even when I'm at home and it would be so nice just one ONE LITTLE "real" day off! This is totally up to me to make it happen more than anything.

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  1. I really want a piglet, too. When I'm a real adult with my own house and a family, that's a part of my fantasy.