Friday, July 6, 2012

KidArt- Summer Camp Round Up #1

It's summer which for me means the most ridiculous and busy time of the year! Last year my art programs at the Clayroom were a little bit all over the place as I was doing individualized drop off sessions for a few parents, but this year it's summer camp full force!
The first week was a bit tough mainly because a lot of the kids I had were just sort there for an intermediate time while waiting to go to sleep away camp. I'm looking forward to the upcoming week and for more kids that are there for their own enjoyment. 
I have plunged head first into scouring the corners of Pintrist, art blogs, reference books, and my own brain for fun activities for this summer. Planning the camps is definitely my favorite part! It's like this huge platform of creative possibilities. I can't wait for more projects!

P.S. I also help in the design and content for camps for my old job Go van Gogh! You can check out there camps here too! 
Some pics from Go van Gogh:

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