Friday, April 13, 2012

Habitat for Insanity

So part of the 30 Day Challenge was creating an artists workspace, so I thought i would share a little DIY that I did to spruce my workspace up a bit. 

Customized Cork Board Inspiration Board

I just used basic black craft paint from Blick painted over masking tape to create the designs. It was super easy and low cost!

I think I got lucky that I have shelves the EXACT size of the cork board squares I found, but I'm sure you could easily cut them down to whatever size or shape you needed. 

Also, the squares came with adhesive strips, but I highly recommend adding extra glue to each corner regardless of what brand you get. 

I can now used the space to pin inspiring images, to do lists, or whatever else floats my boat. Ari says it looks like a high school locker now, but I like it. 

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