Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Fix Is In

As someone who rarely gets to shop and/or has no sense of "what's in" or "on trend" sometimes being a jewelry maker can be tough. I thought the perfect solution would be to check out Stitch Fix. For those of you who don't know, Stitch Fix is a monthly sampler box of new clothing similar to the Birch Box craze. 

Once I inspected some of the items that I got, I tried to match them up with jewelry items to see how I would style them or to further examine what articles of clothing some of my jewelry items would work best with.

They give you this handy dandy styling card for each item which is super helpful because it also gives me some tips on jewelry styling. 

I ended up keeping a dress from the Many Belles Down spring 2012 line and I am in love with it! I have worn it as often as possible since receiving it!

The other day I worked on several necklaces reworking vintage charms and am excited to get them up and running in my Etsy shop. It was refreshing to approach assembling items differently and create a new aesthetic for myself and my work. 

I'm excited to get my next Fix and I'm definitely looking forward to finding other sampler boxes.

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  1. That dress looks fantastic on you. Gorgeous!