Sunday, April 15, 2012

Artist Swap

Okay so I know I wasn't the best at posting everything that happened from the 30 Day Challenge that I did. Mainly I'm just bad at remembering to photograph everything that I do like the handmade gift I did for my niece only to box it up and stick it the mail without a single photo! However, the best thing that came out of it was a little inspiration for the sponsorship program I'm doing that has let to.....

I'm partnering up with Lizette from CreativityLizette to do a craft swap! I am absolutely STOKED about this whole thing and I hope you sign up.

Here's how it's going to work. 

Each of us will pick a favorite artist and receive something inspired by them.
How it works:
You’ll each be paired up with a swap partner from one of CreativityLizette's Blog readers,  you’ll email your partners and give them:
  • The name of your favorite artist
You may give your partner 3 artists to choose from if you wish.
  • Any helpful links about your artist, especially if he/she is a new upcoming artist.
  • Your address.
Then you’ll research your partner’s favorite artist and create something inspired by that artist for them.
To participate email me at with your name and contact email by April 30th.
On May 4th you’ll receive an email with the name of your swap partner and their email.
Artists swap pieces should be mailed by May 31st. You are welcome to include any extra goodies if you like. 

Anyone is welcome to join this swap. So, be prepared to mail internationally. 

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