Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Want You!

The Morose Bee blog is accepting sponsors! Although maybe it's not what you think...

So, usually when bloggers accept sponsors, they are expecting payment. However, I am looking for sponsorship and support in the form of craft partners in crime!

Currently seeking people interested in:
-Swaps and Trades
-Art Challenges
-Craft Care Packages
-Artistic Collaborations
-Product Reviews
-Any idea you may have!

You can leave a comment or e-mail me at themorosebee(at)gmail(dot)com


  1. Oh, I'm totally in! I wouldn't be able to do much until school is over in June but will you still take me as a sponsor?
    creativitylizette at yahoo dot com

  2. I have been looking for a craft pal for a long time. I'm new to your blog but I'd love to be a sponsor!