Friday, March 30, 2012

30 Day Challenge


So, I struggled with this for a long time. Should I dye my hair? Should I use my latest in progress tattoo as a "cheat" answer? Should I get a new outfit?

Tonight, I sat here thinking about....well, various things, when I got an overwhelming urge to cut all of my hair off. I've shaved my head a few times when the mood struck and around 1 o'clock in the morning I was chatting with my friend Rachael and a really spontaneous urge came over me. After she signed offline, I thought "okay...I'm going to go into the bathroom and shave my head." And I did. 

This is me taking various photos of myself and looking at my hair from different angles and with it pulled all the way back from my face so I could  get a feel for how I would look.

I went around my head clipping off the longer strange to get ready for the buzzer. This is my "oh shit, there is no going back!" face. Although, it could be my "hey there is a naked lady behind me" face. 

I decided to leave the middle section. I figured having SOME hair to play with for now will be kinda fun. It's definitely the funkiest haircut I've had in a while and I LOVE IT. 

Back view.

I hope everyone takes their next spurt of spontaneity and runs with it! Goodnight!

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  1. You go girl! Don't think I can be as brave as you and shave part of my hair. I did once decided to cut my hair really short after having it very long all my life. I saw a picture of the haircut in a magazine and I thought I want it and I got it the very next day. It was one of my favorite cuts.