Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feels Like Fall

I got dressed the other day and quickly realized I felt very AUTUMN. I was wearing black, orange, grey, and forest green! Sounds like earth tone fall colors for sure. I realized that it hasn't quite felt like winter at all this season. It's snowed all of 2 or 3 times, as opposed to last winter's onslaught of blizzards, and  a heavy coat is almost never necessary. 

The whole outfit just felt like the perfect opportunity to wear my PUMPKIN RING!

There's a few items that are really "me" that I have multiple of in my own personal jewelry collection as well as in my shop and this ring is definitely one of them. One of my best friends and I have a thing for pumpkins and the color orange in general. Maybe it's Cinderella or the fact that I just love Halloween, but there is something magical about pumpkins. 

I would dress like it's October all year if it was more acceptable in say...err...June? Summer dresses with pumpkins? No?

 I mean c'mon, look at those leaves! You can't say fall isn't sticking around an awkwardly long time! Fifty degrees everyday? Pshaw! It's fall, my dears. It may be February, but it's still fall.

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