Saturday, December 29, 2012

Handmade Gifts

With the holidays now over, I thought I'd share a few photos from some of the handmade gifts I put together this holiday season. This isn't ALL off them, but I think it's a pretty good sampling. I'm pretty happy with what I made, but I hope next year to increase the amount of handmade gifts I give out.














Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ornament Swap Round 3

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and my last two days visiting my family has managed to be more hectic than I thought. A week of laying around by the fireplace at my moms house somehow turned into running all over town with my mom.

To finish off the ornament swap while everyone is still in a semi holiday-ish spirit!!!

The first one is a hand cut paper Death Star made by Nicole. I thought it was sooooo awesome, but I'm biased because I love Star Wars. You can't deny that the detail is incredible though!



My next ornament just might be my favorite! It was made for me by Brandon because The Princess Bride is my favorite movie!!! It's painted on a small ceramic dish and it's just lovely.


My tree looked fantastic by the time Christmas came around and this swap has been so much fun! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Photo An Hour: Crafter's Style Holiday Rush

I really love reading when other people do posts like this, but I rarely remember to try and do them with my own day. I think it's actually a really good productivity tool because, if an hour passes and I need to take another photo, it's a reminder that I need to move on to a new activity. 
I had a day off yesterday so I thought it would be a good time to focus on the week before Christmas rush for a crafter. Running to the post office, working on commissioned pieces, getting my own gifts done, etc, etc. How I wish I had more commissioned work so I could spend more time at home! That would be a Christmas miracle.

12:30pm- Wake up, make coffee, and read a blog or two while my brain wakes up.
Yeah, so it was my day off and I didn't get out of bed until after noon. Don't judge me! I only have one day off a week. 

1:30pm- Listen to the She & Him Christmas album while putting together items to take to the post office. 
I've been listening to holiday c.d.'s pretty much nonstop this last week. Squeezing out every last drop of merriment that I can! It also helps to soothe my nerves as I amp up for the crazy line at the post office this time of year. 

2:30pm- Return home from the post office and find another ornament from the swap waiting for me!
This one is from my partner Brandon. I'll post more on this soon!

3:30pm- Trying to pack my suitcase
I don't leave until Christmas morning, but my suitcase is going to be largely overtaken by wrapped gifts. I'm trying to pack now to see what is realistically going to fit and what needs to get in a box and get to the post office to ship ahead of myself!

4:30pm- Begin working on a commissioned art piece.
Yes. that is exactly what it looks like. I was asked to paint a design on a body cast as a husband's Christmas gift to his wife. Apparently the baby has long since been born, but they never got around to doing anything with the cast. It's kind of bizarre, but I'm totally into it.

5:30pm- Trying to speed up the process without saturating the plaster.
You know, just drying a body cast on my bathroom floor. What? Isn't this how everyone spends their Wednesday nights?

6:30pm- Taking a break to watch It's Always Sunny
The TV looks weird because our television is actually just a projector that projects the show onto our living room wall. It's cheaper than a TV and it's like having a movie theater in the house!

8:30pm- Coming to a stopping point.
Okay so I jumped ahead 2 hours, but there was dinner involved somewhere in here.
I'm not sure if I think it's 100% done just yet, but I'm going cross eyed from looking at it for so long.

9:30pm- Reading a few blogs and "de-swirl" my eyes.

10:30pm- Making bow ties.
These are going to be for my nephew for Christmas, but I am totally running out of time! Ack! So I cut out all my fabric before going to bed. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Ornament Swap Round 2

Today I thought I would share what I made since my partners have received their items! I made all of my ornaments out of ceramic.

For Amanda's ornaments, she sent me a list of things she liked and one of them was Harry Potter. I knew right away I had to use that as my inspiration for the ornaments. I made a lighting bolt, sorting hat, and white Hedwig inspired owl.


Brandon sent me an e-mail to ask me what my favorite food was so I took my queue from him and asked him what his favorite holiday treat was. He told me it was pumpkin pie so I made his ornament to look like a pumpkin pie. I also sent him my recipe for my favorite vegan pumpkin pie. I thought about sending it along with an actual pumpkin-y treat, but I wasn't sure how it would make the trip.


To see more photos of other ornaments from the swap, check out Lizette's blog or our Bee Creative Facebook group!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ornament Swap Round 1

My ornaments from the swap began to arrive in the mail week and It has been so exciting to open all of them and see what everyone made. My first round arrived on Wednesday which happened to be my day off. It was sort of the cherry on top of my nice relaxing day. Each one is different and full of personality!

The first is what Amanda made for me. I sent her a list of things I liked and I definitely have a bad coffee habit. Amanda made my first initial covered in coffee related things. I feel like it's the grown up version of name ornaments for little kids! 



This ornament was not part of the swap, but Lizette (the other swap coordinator) sent me a special ornament and Frida Kahlo bag as well! Anyone who has been following any of the previous swaps know that Lizette and I both share a love Mexican artwork especially the work of Frida Kahlo. 



I debated whether or not to share the Derby Chick ornament since it technically wasn't part of the swap, but it is from a friendship formed from doing these crafty endeavors. It's the reason why these things are so much fun! You get to meet new people, share a story or experience with them and get a little token of your correspondence in the end. 

These are just what I have on my tree so far, but this has been our biggest swap yet so new pictures are being posted of everyone's awesome ornaments. There are many more posts to come!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Winter Brights Wishlist

Winter is a time when I tend to gravitate towards darker colors, most likely because of the weather outside. I was growing through some jackets and layered clothing items and was really digging the bright colored items. The yellow coat is just to die for! Plus talk about a way to stand out in the snow. Here's a few of my winter wish list items.
Winter Brights

Knit dress

Sheer cardigan

Pink martini

Sheer stocking

Lace up boots

Blue handbag

Cotton scarve

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

This Is Why I Create

Creating art or making crafts is a relaxing process for most people. I say most people because I recognize that there are quite a few people who have a lot of anxiety about their own creativity. Doing things and making things for other people feels good, but it feels even better when you know you are giving them something that will actually be of value to them. A while ago, I posted some platters I had made as wedding gift for people. You can check out the post here. I sent the platters off to the happy couples and one of them was one of my favorite bloggers, Kaelah from Little Chief Honeybee. Since then, I've seen the gift I made for her pop up on her blog on more than one occasion.



It's never been "featured" in the traditional sense, but every once in a while I see it hanging out on a table or counter top somewhere in her home when she posts new photos. It's just part of her home. Every time I see it, it makes remember why I love creating things for people. You can give someone something that becomes part of their life and it serves a functional purpose. It's a different feeling than buying someone a gift from the store because it's so much more personal. 

This year, I'm hoping to find the time to hand make as many gifts as possible for friends and family. I'm a little bit stressed about the time consuming task, but moments like this make me realize it's worth it.

Friday, November 30, 2012

November Giveaway Winner

It's time for the reveal of the winner of the November Giveaway winner! I had quite a nice list of entries with the ornament swap being so popular, plus a few Movie Monday guesses.
To recap, here is what the giveaway was all about here and here.

The winner of the Season's Tweetings Gift Set from Lush was actually one of my swap partners, Brandon! I the winner was randomly selected using the Random Number Generator from the swap list and Movie Monday guesses and it just so happened to be my swap partner!

Congratulations Brandon!

For more great giveaways, keep an eye out this December!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hey Four Eyes

For about the last 4 years or so, I've been really into big crazy glasses. For the longest time, I never wore eyeglasses even when I needed them so I guess I'm making up for lost time. One of my absolute favorite things is trying on new glasses frames. Once, I went to a boutique and tried on every single pair they had! So when I found out about the virtual mirror on, I was pumped!

I'm usually a little skeptical of online eyeglasses because you just never know how they are going to fit your face, but I could spend hours using this mirror feature and the frames are reasonably priced. You can try on a few pairs yourself by clicking here for the virtual mirror.

Sometimes wearing glasses makes me feel as though I can't wear other dominant accessories like large earrings or even a headband so having multiple pairs of glasses in different colors makes me feel like I'm still "accessorizing" even if it is in the most functional way possible.

What's funny is I will occasionally get compliments from people where they say things like "your glasses are great! I wish I could pull that off." It's interesting because when you first put on a new funky pair of glasses, you're not really sure if they work on your face or if you just look silly. Eventually, they just sort of become part of your face. If you just take the leap and get the pair that you want, nobody will think you look silly! I promise!

And here's a coupon code just for you!
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