Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ending the Madness

Today is the last day of March Mustache Madness for The Morose Bee so any purchases made by MARCH 31ST 2011 will receive a free mustache ring in the mail with their item! Horray. Check out the shop to pick out your favorite!

Also, I'll be bringing back one of my favorite Celebrity Staches very soon--THE MARIO MUSTACHE. As soon as these bad boys are fired up in the kiln I'll have them posted.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Movie Monday

Take a looksie at all these awesome Etsy items and leave a comment with a guess at what movie title they relate to! The correct answer wins one item of your choice from my shop! Make sure to leave contact information in your comment. Answer revealed next Monday!

etsy seller: TotallyOldSchool

 etsy seller: paperspongedotcom

etsy seller: kaykreationsphoto

etsy seller: mightyfinds

etsy seller: christinamakesbags

etsy seller: LoveFashionMusic

Friday, March 25, 2011

Edible Crafts

For some reason when I was little I ALWAYS asked my mom to buy Hamburger Helper. To my knowledge, I've never actually had Hamburger Helper, but I was apparently really convinced by the commercials. So when I found the recipe for Tempeh Helper in Appetite for Reduction I had to make it!

Tempeh, noodles, peas, and some vegan cheesy sauce and I was eating for 4 days straight. No lie. I ate this shit all week and loved it. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Habitat for Insansity

A little while back I had the idea to start featuring apartment design elements as a crafting portion of my blog. Ari and I have recently renewed our lease and will be living here for at least another 18 months so I figured I'd better make it homey.
The plan was:
1.Find time to get apartment super clean
2.Take photos
3.Share photos
4.Share design ideas
5.Share progress of impletation of design ideas and DIY project in my apartment
6.Share photos of finished product aka snazzier looking apartment.

You may remember I even started with THIS post a while back.

But I am Reality's play thing.
What actually happened was more like:
1.Decide to find time to clean.
2.Don't clean.
3.Take nap instead.
4.Come back later.
5.Still haven't cleaned.

What I've realized is that if I actually had the ability to reach the goal of making my apartment suitable enough to photograph, then I probably wouldn't be doing this blog segment. I think the best place to start would be sharing my apartment how it normally looks on a day to day basis. Pointing out the "problem areas" and sharing with you awesome creative storage solutions to make our apartment a cleaner, better place to be.

So here it all it's messy glory.

My apartment. Habitat for Insanity. The Bedroom. Bed is usually never made on a day to day basis. The lovely lump at the bottom of the photo are the clothes that are not put away yet. There's usually always almost a pile of SOMETHING there. And the one thing that drives me crazy is the fact that both walls bordering the bed have no photos, no posters, nothing. Just two big off white walls. Drives me insane.

Next we have my dresser. Home to Denny's cage and what portion I have left for myself is covered in a haphazard pile of jewelry, make up, etc. Not to mention Ari's law school papers all over the floor and random tchotchkes that we probably really don't need cluttering up the windowsills. 

Ari's dresser and desk. Nothing too horrible here. He usually keeps the desk free of clutter and the stuff piled up on his dresser are things of real sentimental value and/or stuff that actually gets used daily.

The entry way. UGH! The forever home of kicked off shoes, canvas grocery bags, stuff on it's way to Goodwill, stuff not yet put away, and just general crap that gets put down when we come home and then doesn't move for ages. A SERIOUS face lift is needed in this area because it just isn't working. Although I should mention that just out of frame are the Ninja Star Coat Hooks from Think Geek. It's the entry way's best feature.

The living room. Are our granny couches not super sweet????
Let's see... pile o' crap always on the coffee table? Check.
Pile o' crap always on the couch? Check.
Pile o' crap always on the dining table? Check.

In the corner you can see my crafting area. I'm sure in the photo all you can really see are some boxes and miscellaneous crap and that's mostly because that's all it is. It's not really a workspace and, frankly, The Morose Bee deserves better than that. Next to that shelf on the floor are more boxes of clay and completed jewelry. I always get a little pang of anxiety when an order comes in about having to wade through this area.

The kitchen.'s just a kitchen. Although not many kitchen's have our sweet giant Millennium Falcon replica. No sir.

So that's most of it. I could have included more photos to give you a better feel, but hopefully this will be a good starting ground. I have tons of photos, ideas, and products to share and I hope you'll send me your opinions and maybe even photos of your own apartments?

Stay tuned for more Habitat for Insanity. 

Internet Inspiration

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Items and Thriftventures

If you check into my shop with any regularity, you may have noticed I've been posted more and more Vintage Finds lately. A few of these items have already sold and I'm excited to share more and more with Etsy browsers. Here's a bit of a shop update!

Check out my Etsy shop to see more.

I've missed thrifting, collecting vintage, and the hunt of a good find. Many of the items that I've sold on Etsy are pieces that I've had for many years even through elementary school. There used to be a street in my old neighborhood named Antique Alley where my friends and I would bother the thrift shop attendants as 10 year olds tend to bother everybody. Right down the street from our apartment in Allston is a lovely little gem called Urban Renewals where I wet my vintage whistle.

My best find of the day where a few gently loved books for only 99 cents! They will be perfect for the children's art programs I do on Wednesday afternoons at the Clayroom.

And here's a little sneak peak at a few things (mostly all vintage) that I picked up and look forward to sharing with you soon!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Movie Monday Answer

Last week's Movie Monday answer was Clueless! We finally had another winner who has chosen the carrot necklace as their prize. Here's a few images based  on my clues to refresh your memory:

This week, I was putting together a few images and it felt very inappropriate considering recent world events. What happened over a week ago in Japan is so horrible I could only look at enough footage to know that it happened and I had to end it there. I can't watch the news, I can't read articles about it, I can't do anything. It's just too horrible. I decided the right thing to do this week was feature a selection of wonderful Etsy sellers who are donating portions or their profits to Relief to Japan. Some of these items are a mere $10! Only $10 for Japan and you still get something in return. 

etsy seller: soradesigns

etsy seller: happygolicky

etsy seller: clareyclayworks

etsy seller: WhoDoesntWantThat
etsy seller: ElephantDancing

etsy seller: TheVoyagers

etsy seller: coffeedoglover

etsy seller: gabrielefelt