Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Etsy Seller Idol

I received a new item from an Etsy seller a few days ago and I was so impressed with its delivery I just had to share it. 

I had been eye balling this AMAZING pillow from carolinedulko and decided to splurge and buy it.


Not only is this little guy adorable, but he actually matches my couch and, let's be honest, almost nothing actually matches my old lady couch.

 Okay so he's super cute. That's obvious. Looks great on my couch. that's obvious. BUT THEN....he actually arrives and he's packed inside an ADORABLE SCREEN PRINTED LINEN TOTE BAG. 


 Not only is it a cute form of packaging, but the bag is so cute that I've been using it as my actual purse for the last few days.It's just some kind of thin, cotton blend something-or-other that probably didn't cost the seller very much, but it completely inspired me to put more thought into my packaging.

I spent most of yesterday hunting around on the internet looking for various boxes, ribbons, custom stickers, funky twine, and other cute things that I could start ordering regularly to mail my items out. I want other people to feel as excited and giddy as I was receiving this adorable little bag. 
Ari brought up the point that I would have to consider keeping my shipping prices higher to cover the cost of stickers and ribbon and all of that. It's true, however, I would rather eat it on the packaging costs if it means creating the same feeling of joy when other people receive my items. 

I only wish I would have done all of this before the holiday season kicked in!

Do you have any fun packaging tips?

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  1. I bet Kaleigh would tell you to use ribbon on everything. :)