Monday, October 24, 2011

Movie Monday

Last week's Movie Monday answer was...

Its Kind Of A Funny Story

I know it was a tough one and we ended up having no winner! I saw this movie just a few weeks ago so if you haven't seen it (which it seems like most of haven't) I definitely think its worth a watch.

I know one or two people are still waiting on prizes from previous wins and I apologize! I will be shipping them out tomorrow morning!

As for this week's contest for Movie Monday, here are the rules:

1. Take a look at these awesome items from Etsy sellers
2. Guess what movie title they correspond to
3. Leave a comment with your guess and your e-mail address
4. All correct answers are eligible to win using a random number generator 
5. I'll announce the winner next Monday!
All correct guesses are eligible to win any item of your choice from my shop, but there will only be one winner every week.

etsy seller: RemmersRowCounter

etsy seller: VinylWallAccents

etsy seller: fromMarz

etsy seller: SugarBeetPress
etsy seller: ccdoddle


  1. Juno? :)

  2. my guess is juno too. mostly based on the striped shirt!
    and bummer! my husband totally guessed it's kind of a funny story when we looked at the clues last week and i convinced him it wasn't right. that is a great movie, the book is good too!