Saturday, September 24, 2011

Habitat for Insanity

I think that wall decals are a renters dream! I have been trying to figure out what to do about a few large patches of giant white wall in our apartment. I have plenty of photos and tchatchkes and other things that could fill up the space, but being a rentor is usually a huge NO GO fro doing anything that requires paint or power tools. I was wandering through the Blick art store the other day when I discovered these freaking sweet wall decals

Originally I wanted them for the fake picture frames. I had this idea that I could hang the fake frames and then change out different pictures and notes to tape up inside of them. I ended up really liking the fake shelves and hanging those first in our bedroom on a wall that desperately needed SOMETHING. 

I don't think these photos do it justice because the lighting on our apartment is just awful and nothing photographs well inside of it. However I think its a huge improvement for the room overall.  The best part is when its time to move in a few years, we can just pull them off without any damage to the walls!

It gives you all the pieces seperately so you can put whatever items on the shelves you like. I tried to stick with the things that would actually own. I'm kinda excited about the plants only because I have tried and failed so many times to keep anything alive in our apartment because he get no sunlight.

 Ari isn't home right now, but I hope he likes them when he gets back. It typical guy fashion, his response will probably be something like "mehh..."

The funny thing is I still haven't figured out where to put the fake frames when that's why I was so drawn to them in the first place! For now I just have them saved after I have time to think it over. You can purchase a set for yourself by clicking here to see them on Modcloth.

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