Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One Year in Boston

This time last year Ari and I were sitting on an air mattress on the floor of our brand new apartment and a wee bit nervous about this big new city called Boston we had found ourselves in. I'm really excited for my second upcoming winter in Boston. I feel more prepared about how to dress in the freezing cold and I'm already excited for Christmas at home. However, some days there are things I miss dearly about Florida. 

What I miss: The Beach!

Okay sure, I'm still in a coastal town, but New England beaches are just NOT Florida beaches. The water here is dark and opaque. It freaks me out. The salty breeze is comforting, but that's about it. 

What I don't miss: Hurricanes

It's not just the crazy weather. It's destroying entire towns, killing people, and bringing all daily activities to a screeching halt. 

What I miss: Planned Communities!

Florida is a relatively new state in terms of development so most neighborhoods are built on a grid. You miss your turn? No biggie! Just turn down the next street. In Boston, every road twists and turns off in some crazy random direction. The city was built on carriage roads so there is crazy cobblestones, dead ends, and everything else in between. I'm always getting lost!

What I don't miss: Planned Communities

Building after building that looks exactly the same so you don't even know which house is yours? Bleh! Every building in Boston is unique and decades old. There office buildings inside of rundown cathedrals in New England. How awesome is that?!

What I miss: Southern Hospitality! 

In Boston everything is a bit harsh. I get frustrated some days because I don't think anyone's mama taught them any manners! In Florida people smile at you if they pass you on the street and it Boston you're lucky if you can even get a "please" or "thank you" out of anyone. And forget pushing in your chair or holding the door open for anyone. 

What I don't miss: Southern Racism

Okay so just saying "southern racism" is unfair and controversial, but there so many people from where I come from that brag about how their parents are still involved in the Ku Klux Klan. If you go on the KKK Wikipedia page, the first picture on there was taken 20 minutes from where I lived. I'm not saying no one is racist in the Northeast, but everyone in Boston is from somewhere else. When you have so many cultures coming together, its hard to have concentrated hatred. 

I'm really excited to see how my next year in Boston turns out. Going back to school, more art projects along the way, and a lot more vegan cooking! Yum!


  1. Ahhh, why the hell did they have to use Gainesville on the KKK Wiki page!? Next time I tell someone up here I'm from "Gainesville, Florida", they're going to google it on their phone and find that :O

  2. i've visited both boston and florida but it's really interesting to see the perspective of someone who has lived in both places! i thought boston was beautiful :-) x