Monday, August 1, 2011

Movie Monday

After a nice long 13 hour shift at work, Movie Monday is being posted a bit into Tuesday morning this week. Apologies! Apologies!

Last week's answer was..
Mary Poppins

And our winner was....


And just an FYI, I used a random number generator to choose a winner based on ALL comments with correct guesses. Even if you think someone has beat you to the correct answer, GUESS ANYWAY! You're still eligible to win. 

As for this weeks movie......

1. Take a look at these awesome items from Etsy sellers
2. Guess what movie title they correspond to
3. Leave a comment with your guess and your contact info
4. I'll announce the winner next Monday!
All correct guesses are eligible to win any item of your choice from my shop, but there will only be one winner every week.

etsy seller: milkbunnie

etsy seller: Graphique

etsy seller: farandtwee

etsy seller: hollyberry1617

etsy seller: donnageissler 

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