Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Edible Crafts

Ari and I have been doing our best to keep junk out of the house and turn ourselves super buff and svelte. Okay well...maybe not, but we both gained a bit of weight on the cruise so it's going to be mostly veggies going on in this joint for a while. As a vegan that's pretty normal for me, but Ari is a fan of meat so it's going to be a bit of a lifestyle change for him. For dinner the other night I made a Pad Thai styled salad based on a recipe from Appetite for Reduction.

Mixing up the peanut salad dressing. Shallots, peanuts, soy sauce, agave nectar, lime juice.

I couldn't find any bean sprouts at our HORRIBLE local grocery store, so I used broccoli sprouts instead. Not bad, but not my favorite kind. This dish was a nice deviation from our garden style salads that we usually make for dinner.
**Tip: the leftover salad and dressing make for great Thai style wraps with a bit of tofu sauteed in soy sauce. It made for a nice 5min lunch the next day!

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