Thursday, June 23, 2011

Habitat for Insanity

Right now I'm in Florida, but before I left I had been making a few final efforts to make improvements around the apartment. A while ago I discovered an article  that described how bamboo steamer baskets made great lightweight and visually interesting shelving. I did a little research online and discovered that a few people had been doing the same thing.




I decided that this shelving idea might be the storage solution I've been looking for! I can't mount things into my wall and lord knows I've got a decent amount of tchotchkes that could use a home. These suckers hang up great with contact strips which is pretty much my only option.

So I went down to the local Asian market and picked up a few sizes.

A lot of people seem to snip out the centers or paint them, but I really enjoyed the plain wood and the pattern background from the steamer bottom. I decided to leave them as is.

I had these little miniatures that I painted to look like Ari and me from when we first started dating. Back then my hair was purple and he hadn't started shaving his head yet. They used to be dashboard ornaments on my car and since then they've been kinda hanging around with no particular home.

I put some super glue on the bottom just so they wouldn't get knocked out of the basket for any reason. If they were plastic or something I wouldn't mind, but if these ceramic guys fall they would totally shatter.

I'm excited about finding homes for the larger sizes I purchased and figuring out what tchotchkes I can find new homes for from around the house!

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