Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flying In A New Direction

Many of my items are either 100% hand formed by me, made from molds, or fall in a creative gray area in between.  For the most part, your items are considered  handmade as long as they have at least been altered by you in someway. For example, you bought beads and wire from a craft store, but you strung them together into a necklace meaning the necklace was handmade by you even if the components of the necklace weren't. In my case, I always hand paint and assemble all of my items even if the ceramic pendant was made from a mold belonging to someone else.

I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be a maker of "handmade" goods and how I want to represent myself and my company. I've decided that from now on, any supplies that I purchase will be towards the creation of products that I can claim more creative responsibility over. I will probably never stay 100% away from using molds as I don't really see anything "wrong" about using them, but when it comes to organizing my time and deciding what to post in my shop the greater influence I've had in the design of the piece means it will receive more importance in being posted to Etsy.

It's becoming increasingly more difficult to find ways to create products that are truly original, but my hope for The Morose Bee is that everything I put out into the world is done in a way that is genuine.

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