Sunday, May 29, 2011

Living Under A Rock

The problem with working all of the time is that you forget there are things like television, movies, and music. I tend to be behind on almost everything all of the time. Lately I've been making an effort to actually bring my iPod with me on the bus and as I walk to work because, sadly, work transportation is pretty much my only listening to music time.

When my mom came to visit me I asked her to save all her Rolling Stone Magazines from the last few months and bring them to me so I could slowly but surely come back into the light of pop culture. I couldn't remember the last time I bought a new C.D. or discovered a new band or learned anything new about music period.

If you know me personally, it's kind of a big deal for me to not know what's going on with music. I used to have subscriptions to like 10 different magazines and be the biggest internet stalker for some of my favorite bands. I didn't even know Bright Eyes came out with a new album this year. Plus Kimya Dawson came to Boston right under my nose. 16 year old Emily pretty much hates me. 

I'm slowly working my way through them and making an effort to check out ye' olde Youtube for some refreshing of my senses. Here's what I'm jamming to...

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