Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day How To!

Or I as I liked to call it, Happy You Got Knocked Up Day! This year I decided to try and make my mom something a little more thoughtful and personalized.

I wanted to make my mom her very own Roller Derby shirt, but I couldn't find iron on letters anywhere. We have a great art supply store in town, but no store that specializes in crafts. I could have got it screen printed at Bruised Boutique, but I totally dropped the ball on that. So I went for the more difficult route of fabric paint and stencils. It was really important that it didn't look sloppy.

When doing stencils, spacing is really important. I was lucky enough to find individual letters rather than when they're all on one sheet so I could lay out the whole design without any hassle. 

If you're able to, tape down your stencils to keep paint from getting on unwanted areas and to keep your stencils in place.

I used a sponge applicator with a VERY SMALL amount of paint. You want just enough to fill in the letter and NO MORE. Too much paint will just make a mess and glob onto your surface in unwanted areas. People make this mistake with stencils all the time. 

Afterwards, hand paint on another layer the make sure it's nice and vibrant. When I'm working in the pottery studio people always freak out about having to hand paint anything because they think using the stencils eliminates the "work," but going over something by hand will always enhance it! Promise!

See? So much brighter now!

Finally iron the shirt inside and out. With most fabric paints, the heat will help hold the paint for longer!

My mom LOVED her gift and said it was the best gift I've given her so far! I gave it to her with a Boston Derby Dames season flyer that has my picture in it with the rest of the officials and announcers. Did anyone else get creative this year for Mother's Day?

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