Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Vegan Easter

I hope that anyone who celebrates is having a fabulous Easter! While I'm not very religious, I can't help but maintain certain holidays and traditions. However, holidays like Easter or Thanksgiving are hard for Vegans when you have traditions that are rooted in non vegan foods. So, this year I made a fun egg decorating alternative! Behold: plaster eggs:
They can be painted, decorated, and hidden around the house just like any ol' egg and are super easy to make! These were made with just a bag of plaster and egg shaped molds.

You could do something like this with a kit or just with the basics from a craft store. There's no reason why Vegans can't have fun traditions too! There are several varieties of Non-Egg Eggs that are fun to make at home. Click here to see some paper mache eggs that require a little more effort, but are so much fun to open!

Also, wondering what the heck to do with any plastic eggs you've got laying around after your sugar high has subsided? Check out these awesome links!

Oh and just because...

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