Monday, April 4, 2011

Movie Monday

Last week's Movie Monday answer is...

Someone guessed Across the Universe which was a good guess, but no one picked up the school and teacher related hints.

As for this week, let's see if you guys can figure it out and remember the winner gets any item of their choice from The Morose Bee's Etsy shop! So take a guess even if you're unsure.

etsy seller: ohbabytees

etsy seller: yury4465

etsy seller: HowardsHome

etsy seller: HollyvisionArt

etsy seller: zunnania

etsy seller: WhatWouldJesusGlue

etsy seller: MisNopalesArt


  1. I'm going to guess "The Other Guys" because it's got Will Ferrell and there's some cop related stuff. I'm not sure I get alllll the clues but fingers crossed!

    email is jrkenkel (at) wustl (dot) edu

  2. correct! it is the other guys! yay!