Thursday, April 7, 2011

Habitat for Insansity- Part 2

Living in an apartment with a psychotic property manager is tough. It makes doing things to make a space feel like home 10x more difficult than they should have to be. If it were up to me, we would have painted the walls  before unpacking a single box, but that's not an option for us right now. We also have no wall mounted shelving which makes the clutter of tiny apartment living even more exhausting. Changing the walls AT ALL is not an option for us right now....which is stupid.

The next best option for dressing up the walls and having more storage? Wall hooks! YaY! Plastic hooks with self adhesive that don't damage paint are awesome as is utilizing existing wall anchors.

Our super awesome Ninja Throwing Star coat hooks from Think Geek. There were a few anchors right in  the doorway so we put them to good use and screwed in  these bad boys.

Wall hooks made from recycled metal and made into flowers that I picked up from work and hung using command strips.

Other awesome options

etsy seller: OldNewAgain

etsy seller: RoadtoKohala

etsy seller: TheDoorStop

Also check out this great article from Offbeat Home on ways to decorate your walls without paint!


  1. way to go! thanks for including our florida piece!

  2. just found ya and really dig your stuff a lot.

  3. Um... those ninja stars are amazing! And this post is so fun- thank you for sharing!