Thursday, April 28, 2011

Habitat for Insanity- Part 3

Okay so first of all I just realized I have a MAJOR TYPO IN THE TITLE OF THESE POSTS. My previous two entries were called Habitat for **Insansity**
I apologize and hope nobody judged me too harshly! My brain dies every now and then. Of all the words to misspell, insanity is probably the most appropriate one. 

Anyways, running a craft based business out of your home can be extremely difficult to keep under control. You can't exactly have all of your inventory out in the open without compromising your life and sanity, but if you have all of your inventory packed away in boxes you can..well...sort of forget what you have or where stuff is. 

The small craft corner in our apartment is essentially my home office. I would just DIE for the luxury of having a full blown craft room, but we are low on the financial scale and have a very tiny apartment. I have to make do with a small bookshelf and try and keep things from spilling over into the living room. This usually means I can't have anything out in the open. All of my inventory is packed into plastic baggies and kept in containers as organized as possible.

I went to put together a few orders from my Etsy shop the other day and realized I couldn't find one of the necklaces I had sold. What proceded was a giant panic attack and general self loathing. I then ripped apart everything in my apartment and found the necklace (THANK YOU POWERS THAT BE).
My apartment was looking too hot after that... 

I decided that I needed to totally revamp my craft corner as to keep this kind of problem from ever happening again. It makes me feel incompetent as a DIY business owner and it's just not a good feeling. Crafters are basically soft core hoarders. You find yourself with the most ridiculous things that you would never otherwise have. Maybe I can use this for something one day? I can use this eventually right? Maybe a mixed media piece? For example, I am not a beader. I can't remember the last time I made ANYTHING with beads, but...I have a GIANT collection of beads. WHYYYY??

One thing I've learned is that there seems to be no one right system for how jewelry sellers organize their materials and inventory. You just gotta do what works for you and your living space. After I spent several hours going through everything I have I decided to do a leaning cleaning up of my Etsy shop. If you check out the sale section there are now 18 items at discounted prices to help me clear out my crazy crafty inventory. 

I hope you guys take a look at my newly discount items and check out this awesome craft spaces while I control my envy...

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